BNF Women’s League Condemn GBV

Portia Mlilo

SG Calls for Policy-based solutions

The Botswana National Front Women’s League (BNFWL) has joined other movements and institutions on the international campaign to challenge violence against women and children.

BNFWL is of the view that women and children are primary victims of the patriarchal society in which they live in.

Although both men and women are victims of this society, they believe women suffer more at the hands of this patriarchal system.

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BNFWL Secretary-General, Resego Kgosidintsi said women and children are constant and perpetual victims of rape, murder, child marriages and defilement among other crimes.

She said all of these take place either at the homestead, the workplace, political spaces, places of worship, and public spaces.

“Botswana has become a rape nation, an average of six women are raped daily and this number is exclusive of undocumented rapes that go unchallenged because of various issues that include victim-blaming. We urge all stakeholders involved to join hands in fighting Gender-Based Violence in our communities. The fight against Gender-Based Violence cannot be won by an individual or a movement that works in isolation and we all need to join hands in fighting for the rights of women and children,” said Kgosidintsi

The SG said they believe the government must have policies in place that seek to close the economic disparities between men and women.

She said statistics around the world indicate that women are most affected by poverty compared to men.

Kgosidintsi said this puts women at a place of vulnerability, they stay in abusive relationships which end up claiming their innocent lives.

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Calling for action and policy-based solutions, Kgosidintsi said the Botswana Democratic Party-led government must treat this issue with the urgency it deserves.

She said as BNFWL, they encourage all political parties to take disciplinary measures against gender-based violence perpetrators in political spaces and such individuals must face disciplinary action regardless of power or position.

Kgosidintsi further said political parties must have fully functional sexual harassment policies to curb the violence of women in political spaces.

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