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Big fish returns with more “Faya”

Kabelo Dipholo
Ramatebele with Vuyo Ngcukana of The Queen

FreshenUp and be Mophato wa Dezemba

Following his sacking from Gabz FM early this year, which resulted in Comfort Ramatabele’s public meltdown, the man many simply know as “Big Fish” is back on the airwaves.

Ramatebele’s music and educational programme that made him a household name at Gabz FM now airs on Duma FM and was officially launched in Serowe over the weekend.

Ghumba Faya 2.0 as it is officially called airs on Duma FM every Friday evening from 6pm till 9pm.

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In an interview with The Voice after a successful launch, Ramatebele said the programme airs in partnership with the Ministry of Health and Wellness and the American Embassy.

“I’d like to thank both the Ministry and the US Embassy for entrusting me and my talent to advance another key element in the fight against HIV/AIDS and to contribute to the quality of life of Batswana,” he said.

The programme with a new catchy tagline: #FreshenUp and be Mophato wa Dezemba, is an initiative of the Ministry whose intention is to use Ramatebele’s “lyrical arts” to inspire young men aged 11 to 29 to circumcise.

“The essence of the live broadcast in Serowe was to advance the Safe Male Circumcision exercise and the first 300 people to undergo this procedure will get a ticket to the Born and Raised Music Festival on December 22,” he said.

“The Big Fish”, who underwent the procedure of safe male circumcision in 2011 has been raving about the benefits of circumcising, albeit with graphic sexual connotations.

“I’m very happy after eight years to say, it is one of the best decisions of my life,” he added rather mischievously.

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Quizzed on how he survived unemployment for so many months, he quickly responded, “If you can’t give them Ghumba Faya, give them Fayawood. I sold mophane firewood for a living,” he said.

“I’ll however remain indebted to Mascom, particularly their Top 8 brand because it was the platform upon which the aforementioned sponsors of Ghumba Faya 2.0 saw the potential and sought my talent,” said Ramatebele.

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