Best dressed of the week : Mpho “Gigi” Tshwaane

Khoi Fro
Mpho “Gigi” Tshwaane

Best dressed of the week : Mpho “Gigi” Tshwaane

The voice on fashion stunner

Her dressing repertoire easily goes into any fashion “best dressed” list.

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Mpho “Gigi” Tshwaane set the tone of the weekend with this mood boosting, yet visually stimulating classic pairing of a leteisi cropped top and wide leg pants.

If you are keen on learning some handy style tricks that involves the weekend’s day outs and celebratory settings which makes you stand out, look no further than outfit inspiration from the gorgeous and impeccably dressed Gigi.

With modern separates/ pieces for the young, working woman that is chic, simple and has that undeniable glam, Gigi has your “end of the year inspirational outfits”.

Follow her on Instagram @mpho_tshwaane.

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