Beaten to death with a hoe

Christinah Motlhabane
ACCUSED KILLER: Bapini is said to have murdered his mum

Man arrested for mum’s murder hours after being released from custody

A Maitengwe mother is dead and her suspected killer, her 39-year-old son, currently recovering in hospital after overdosing on pills.

Mooketsi Bapindi is accused of smashing 59-year-old Maina Bapindi in the back of the head with a hoe whilst she watered the garden at the family’s home on Sunday night.

Earlier that day, the Mazowa ward resident was released from police cells, having spent the night in custody for insulting his mother and sister.

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Upon his release, he is said to have gone on a drinking spree before returning home and murdering his mum.

It is believed a 12-year-old relative witnessed the entire incident.

Mooketsi is said to have fled the scene and was arrested by police at nearby Mazowa fields the following afternoon.

In a brief interview with The Voice, Tutume Police Assistant Superintendent, Lesego Kgosiemang, explained the old lady had been attending to her garden late at night as there had been no water in the day.

“According to the report that reached our offices in the morning of Monday, the son came home around 2300 hours drunk and found his mother watering the plants. The son is said to have taken the hoe and hit his mother on the head and cheek.

“When the woman fell down, he fled the scene and a child who was watching called neighbours for help. The woman was taken to Maitengwe Clinic where she was certified dead upon arrival,” said Kgosiemang.

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The police boss further revealed that shortly after his arrest, the suspect started vomiting uncontrollably.

“We suspect he overdosed on something like 24 tablets trying to commit suicide. He is currently in stable condition at Tutume Primary Hospital where they are draining the pills from his body,” continued Kgosiemang, adding the suspect has a history of being an angry drunk.

“We heard the son after being drunk often harassed people. Before he allegedly killed his mother he was reported at Maitengwe Police Post for insulting his mother and sister. A case was opened and he was released. When he got home he went drinking again and then reportedly went on to kill his mother!” said the top cop, who urged the public to drink responsibly.

Charged with murder, Mooketsi is due to appear before Masunga Magistrate Courts for arraignment this Friday (2 October).

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