Accept your small Penis!

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Legendary guitarist and traditional singer songwriter, Stika Sola has called on men to stop tampering with their God-given small penises.

Speaking at a Botswana Medicines Regulatory Authority (BOMRA) roadshow at Maun Old Mall last Friday, the singer warned that trying to enlarge one’s manhood could lead to serious injury.

He advised men to be content with ‘what they have’ and not to envy giants hung with bigger penises.

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“I have seen desperate men who wanted to enlarge their sizes and the end results were disastrous. Be happy with what you have. A small penis can also produce children. Some of us have made children with our small sizes!” exclaimed Stika, much to the gathered crowd’s amusement.

Doctor Stephen Ghanie of BOMRA shared the musician’s concern.

Accept your small Penis!
Dr Ghani

He advised that although penis enlargements are usually done secretly, they have far reaching consequences.

Indeed, he explained there was in fact no medicine capable of enlarging a penis.

“What happens is that the so called penis enlargers cause too much blood flow to the penis and cause it to swell. The swelling is misunderstood as an enlargement,” clarified the medical doctor.

He further added that the swelling is usually temporary but can cause permanent injuries to the manhood, including erectile complications.

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