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A stepping stone to a better life

Christinah Motlhabane
  • SSI beneficiaries relive their experiences

Originally founded in Mochudi as a small centre serving the community, in the last 14 years Stepping Stones International (SSI) has steadily grown to become a champion for good throughout the whole country.

The non-profit organisation seeks to help vulnerable children and youth realise their potential through a number of programmes.

Their mentoring focuses on: holistic development, strengthening families and activating sustainable opportunities to become self-sufficient.

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The latest to feel SSI’s special touch are Mosu and Mmea villages, with the organistaion launching its Skills for Life and Equality project in Mosu last Thursday.

Backed by Orapa, Lethlakane and Damtshaa Mines (OLDM), the Boteti region has already benefitted much from Stepping Stones, as these fitting testaments attribute…

Annah Abue

It was very hard on my side before Stepping Stones intervened and changed the course of my life.

My son was staying at home and my blood pressure was always high due to stress.

SSI assisted me with counselling and teaching me how to treat children.

Before our sessions in the Pinagare Programme, we would exercise to refresh our minds.

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I was someone who was very strict but SSI taught me that when you speak to a child you have to be calm.

I am very friendly to my children, and they are happy. My son is back home and is doing Form 3 now.

A stepping stone to a better life

Katlego Tatlhego

Stepping Stones International helped me with leadership and career skills.

Life was very difficult as I was staying home because of unemployment.

It was very hard, especially as my mother was also out of work.

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SSI assisted me and when I went to look for attachment in the hospitality industry, I met the boss who offered me a job the same day.

I am happy; to SSI I just want to say: I made it because of you!

A stepping stone to a better life

Kgaogano Keneilwe

I learnt a lot with Stepping Stones.

I was under the Grannies Programme where we were taught how to take care of our children and grandchildren.

As we know, children nowadays have changed; we were taught how to deal with them in this new, different world from the one we grew up in.

We were also instilled with skills to treat disabled people.

It was such an eye-opening experience.

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A stepping stone to a better life

Goitsemang Matlhomola

I am a primary school teacher; by using Stepping Stones strategies, I changed the results of my students.

I was given a class when the teacher was transferred, and I used SSI strategies on them, and the marks were surprising.

I was then given another class when the teacher was on maternity leave.

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I used those same ‘tricks’ and again the class performed much better.

I am delighted with SSI programme.

It taught us how to teach our students and how to deal with them, so they produce good results.

A stepping stone to a better life

Ntebogang Kgosi (Letlhakane North Councillor)

Since the introduction of Stepping Stones, a lot has changed.

Parents in Letlhakane and surrounding areas used to take their children to the cattlepost and they would end up staying there and leaving school.

But with SSI education, they realised school is important.

Children are now back attending school, which is where they belong.

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