A royal touch

Kabelo Dipholo
A HELPING HAND: Kgosi Sebina and Kgosi Thabiwa

Kgosi Sebina comes to epileptic mother’s rescue

Sebina royal, Kgosi Shathani Sebina is appealing to members of the public to assist an epileptic mother from Makuta village.

Last Monday, Sebina and her counterpart, Kgosi Thabiwa from Makuta village paid a courtesy call to the nursing mother and handed food hampers and warm clothing for her four young children.

According to Sebina she first met the woman in distress last March.

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“When I first saw her she wasn’t a pretty sight. I drove past her heading to my office, and then a few moments later I saw her again holding a baby under a tree. I didn’t stop but proceeded on my journey to Nshagashogwe,” said Sebina.

She said when she returned she spotted the same woman sitting close to where she’d left her.

“Something about her demeanour didn’t sit right with me, so I reversed the car and approached her,” recalls Kgosi Sebina.

Upon inquiry, she learnt the woman was from the village clinic and was heading to the post office, which is quite a distance.

“It is such a long distance to walk while one is also carrying a baby, so I offered her a lift to the post office.”

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Sebina said as the car came to a halt by the post office, she heard gargling and sounds of distress from the back.

“I realised that my passenger had collapsed and was foaming at the mouth. Immediately I knew she was experiencing an epileptic attack,” said the chief

With the help of a passersby, Sebina managed to safely evacuate the mother and her child.

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She said upon unwrapping the child from the blankets she instantly realised she was dealing with a case of abject poverty.

Concerned about the welfare of the child, who was covered in a threadbare blanket, Sebina opted to drive the pair back to Makuta to ensure they were safely back home.

“It is barely a home. This woman needed urgent assistance. I set out to find a way to help her, but due to Covid-19 complications it took me longer than I had expected,” she said.

However, 16 months later, Kgosi Sebina delivered on her promise and is now appealing to members of the society to help put up a habitable structure for the mother and her four kids.

“She needs a better dwelling place. I wonder how she survived those long freezing nights,” added Sebina solemnly.

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