A new revolution for snooker

Baitshepi Sekgweng

Players soon to be ranked in local competitions

In a move that will change the landscape of snooker locally, Vulnar Pty Ltd has unveiled a new software called the 8Ball Pro system that will help the sport to be professional through proper records.

With snooker tables becoming popular around the streets and recognized as leisure sport at Botswana National Sports Commission(BNSC) level, the innovation comes at the right time as it will act as a game changer in the sport.

Though snooker has enjoyed much popularity in the streets, there are no proper structures for data collection, which means players are not able to track their progress.

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As a result, the 8Ball Pro innovation offers a commitment and advancement of the sport and a platform for players to log their games, monitor their rankings and engage in spirited competition.

Further, the system is envisaged to professionalize the sport and give players a chance to participate in regulated competitions with genuine prizes to be won.

Speaking at a media briefing on Wednesday, Vulnar Pty Ltd Managing Director (MD) Bogosi Gabonnwe said with snooker game marred by negative stereotypes of associating it with illegal gambling, it makes it difficult for the sport to be recognized professionally.

VULNAR MD : Bogosi Gabonnwe

“Imagine being able to track your snooker progress, that’s the beauty of the 8BallPro system, it is accessible, intuitive and designed with players in mind. Imagine living and playing snooker in Gaborone and still being able to know how you rank against someone in Maun, that’s a thrill. With the system, players gain access to a diverse number of tournaments and leagues, each offering its unique challenges and rewards,” he said.

Eliminating the need for complex applications or technical expertise, the 8BallPro system has a user friendly WhatsApp bot interface which means with few taps players can record their game results, view rankings and be informed of upcoming tournaments.

Further, the system is powered by the Elo rating algorithm(common in chess) to ensure that rankings reflect the player’s skill level accurately.

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“This is a big development for our sport because we have been doing almost everything manually. Now with a proper setup and system that will focus on the development of the sport we openly welcome that with open hearts. Ever one will be ranked properly according to the available statistics without any favoritism ,”said Botswana Billiards Association interim president Otsile Nawa adding that they are in the process of registering and formalizing all of their teams.

With 8BallPro ushering a new era which is defined by innovation and inclusivity for snooker ,benefits extend beyond individual players as it presents sponsorship opportunities to brand exposure for vendors and advertisers.

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