A cosmic healer with a purpose

Kabelo Dipholo
OUT OF THIS WORLD: The gifted Chuma

She’s best known for starting The Local SliceBW, a vibrant social enterprise that has helped to digitally position local products and services.

However, this week Thato Angela Chuma-Mogotsi finds her way onto The Voice’s pages for something completely different

As well as a respected marketer and innovator, the 33-year-old is a healer, a gifted astronumerologist with clients across the globe.

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With her calling rooted in her ancestral beliefs and enhanced by her pursuit of studying astrology and numerology, Chuma is no ordinary healer.

In fact, she is amongst a limited number of African healers using numbers and analysis of planetary energy to give direction to their clients.

In this eye-opening interview, Chuma fields questions from Voice reporter, Kabelo Dipholo.

Kindly introduce yourself. Who is Thato Angela Chuma-Mogotsi?

Thato Angela Chuma is a 33-year-old marketer, creative entrepreneur, musician, writer, award winning curator and developmental activist.

I grew up in Gaborone and did my Primary School at Lesedi, then went to Moselewapula Junior Secondary, and finally Gaborone Senior before pursuing my Marketing Degree at the University of Botswana.

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I am currently a Marketing Specialist and also founder of social enterprise, The Local Slice BW.

You’re also getting a lot of attention as an astronumerologist. Take us through your profession as a reader of the cosmic phenomena.

As an astronumerologist, I provide spiritual guidance to people based on their birth date and planetary placements.

I’ve been actively doing so for the past two years professionally but it has been an interest of mine for about a decade now.

What do you mean by ‘providing spiritual guidance’?

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I guide people on how to be aligned to themselves and what they should be doing to have ease in their lives.

Spirituality basically means to be aligned to your purpose and potential.

Interesting! So how does one become an astronumerologist?

It takes a lot of studying and also personal alignment.

You have to understand the science behind the numbers and also the meaning and correspondence of the planets.

For me specifically, I had a keen interest in astrology and numerology because I always dreamt of myself using these tools.

It is a divination gift I inherited from my lineage and that is why I gravitated towards it.

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I started with a few books when it was an interest and I explored more courses.

It was mostly a self-education endeavor especially on how I must use it to consult people.

What inspired you to pursue this line of work?

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It was definitely my ancestors.

This was usually communicated through dreams.

I was raised by a healer, so for me, an aspect of my spiritual gift expressed itself through this divination tool.

Sounds like your upbringing had a big influence on this career path?

I grew up in a home that encouraged curiosity.

My mother has been a practicing healer for more than 30 years but was also a professional banker.

We were encouraged to align with what came naturally to us.

I was raised Christian but it never quite resonated fully with me.

I was more fascinated by the cultural intelligence of our ancestors and how they lived their lives in harmony with nature.

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I grew to understand that our ancestors studied the stars to make sense of their environment and when to do certain things.

So it’s more of a calling?

I believe it’s a calling because it’s not everyone who can use it to guide others even if they have learned about it.

It takes a special skill to be able to interpret some of the complex forms but anyone can learn the tools.

How is it different from religion or any other beliefs?

It differs from anything that requires faith because it is based on calculations that require an interpretation that is specific to a person.

I use a combination of tools because that is how I was led to do so.

Take us through a process of consulting an astronumerologist. What does one need and how much does it cost?

I usually need your birth date and name to generate a map that allows me to analyze your energies.

For me specifically, that’s all I need.

I charge a P200 consultation fee

Are the readings always accurate?

Yes they are very accurate.

I’m fortunate enough to have clients in different countries such as South Africa, Kenya, Namibia, Nigeria and also in the United Kingdom and United States of America.

It is a very fulfilling process and I truly enjoy leading people to knowing more about their purpose.

I’m one of the few African Astronumerologists in the continent as it is not a common modality that healers here use.

Prophets and traditional doctors are said to possess supernatural powers. Is it the same with Astronumerology?

I don’t think there’s anything supernatural.

I see things as existing in different wavelengths of experience depending on how we have refined our senses.

Astronumeric readings are fully dependent on calculations and not assumptions.

Through the reading of stars and studying energy you’re able to see into the future. What is Botswana’s general outlook?

Botswana is currently in its year one cycle, which means this is a time of changes.

There will be a lot of structural changes as well as governmental ones.

The energies favour empowering people, so we will see more hidden things coming to the surface to unmask certain things that have been blocking the progress of the country.

The country will be forced to diversify economically.

Spiritually, there will be a lot of awakenings and there will be a rise in cultural knowledge as well as indigenous solutions.

Sorry, I’m slightly lost, what do you mean by a cycle?

Every nation and person carries a unique energy.

This is analyzed based on the date the country was founded.

A cycle is annual so themes change annually on what needs to be focused on for best success.

Can two different people born on the same day have similar readings?

No. This is because there are always subtle differences that are reliant on our uniqueness.

There are always differences.

Let’s get a bit personal. Tell us a little about your home life.

I’m married with two children.

My husband is also a healer and we co-own a production company called Taola Productions that provides sound design services.

We are both creative and raise our children to be aligned to their unique paths.

When you’re not helping your clients find their true purpose in life, what else do you do?

I wear many hats because of my numerous interests.

I enjoy my creative side as well as my professional work as a marketing specialist.

How do you relax away from your many duties?

I love connecting with nature, listening to jazz and also just being in solitude to recharge myself, especially since I do energy work.

Thank God It’s Friday. What do you have planned for the weekend?

I’ll probably be busy with my clients.

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