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ZCC leadership fighting

ZCC in court
ZCC in court

A case in which 11 Zion Christian Church (ZCC) members interdicted their church leader Barnabas Lekganyane for violating the church constitution and victimizing church members took a new twist yesterday before Gaborone High Court.

The case commenced in the morning before Justice Michael Mothobi, for applicants to argue points of violation and it became evident there was conflict within the church members.

One of the ZCC Church Lawyers, Jost Isaacs on Thursday, filed the application with his attorney Mishingo Jeremia that the ZCC constitution in Botswana is illegal because it is fraudulent.

Through heads of arguments, Isaacs said the constitution was not appropriately registered with Botswana registar of societies by the church leader Daniel Swabi.

The ZCC has been operating with two church constitutions, one from 1994, and the currently argued constitution of 2009.

ZCC in court
ZCC in court

When addressing journalists, Uyapo Ndadi representing church applicants, said his client’s issues are not pertinent to the ZCC constitution but rather, to argue points of violation on the part of Lekganyane.

“If the constitution is not legal the opponent has to go to court to set it aside, not through these proceedings but review proceedings.

They should give the registrar an opportunity to answer and avail a record to show cause why the constitution is not valid,” said Ndadi. The case was postponed to continue on August 19.

Applicant’s leader, Tshiamo Tladi said they went to Moriah for the Easter break, and secretly entered the place.

“Our photos were pasted by the Moriah entrance, written ‘Most Wanted”, and even to date the pictures are still there but we secretly entered because people were instructed to report to church leaders if they saw us inside Moriah,” he said.

He however said they have no intention of opening their own church.