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Zanu PF in landslide victory

FILE PIC: Zanu-PF supporters

Zanu PF has won a big chunk of parliamentary seats in the results announced so far.

The ruling party now has 109 seats while MDC Alliance has managed to get 41seats.

The other two seats have gone to the National Patriotic Front and an independent respectively.

Results are still expected for the remaining 58 seats and for the presidential race.

Basically Zanu PF has won the two-thirds majority and thus has the power to change the constitution if need arises.

Meanwhile opposition leader, Nelson Chamisa is still adamant that he won.

“We’ve more votes that ED, we won the popular vote and we will defend it,” he tweeted.


  1. According to the EU Observers the Election was NOT FREE and FAIR
    And in the meantime the SADC who cannot assist REFUGEE/MIGRANTS are saying the election was peaceful and orderly This SADC needs a major shakeup

  2. The folloeing article appeared in June 2018
    “Zimbabwe’s main opposition party hasn’t been able to obtain a copy of the voters’ roll despite repeated requests over the past two weeks, an official of the Movement for Democratic Change said.

    Access to the voters’ roll is one of the opposition’s 10 conditions for a fair vote in the July 30 elections. While President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s ruling party is allowing monitoring by international observers, it hasn’t acceded to the other requests such as legislative changes on press freedom and a commitment by the military to respect the outcome. The U.K. Embassy and a local election monitoring group said they obtained a copy of the voters’ roll from electoral commission’s office.

    “I’m apoplectic. How come the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission has handed a copy to the British embassy, but not to the main political party contesting the election, when we’re the one entitled to it?’’ Senator David Coltart said by phone. “We have 210 constituencies to check and we’ve not even been able to begin.”

  3. “EU Observers Say Chigumba’s Elections Were Not Fair, ZEC Must Release Full Results By Polling Station”

  4. Thisis a statment from the EU Observer Team
    “LIVEBLAST: “We noticed that there was intimidation of voters outside polling stations, abuse of state resources, state media abuse,

    “Clear and complete results must be released …this is critical and the ZEC must be fully transparent..including a public breakdown of polling stations… “

  5. This is an article that appeared in an international newspaper
    “The British foreign secretary, Boris Johnson, the Africa minister, Rory Stewart, and others in the EU have already spoken in favour of free and fair elections as soon as possible. They are wrong.

    True, credible elections are ultimately the best way to take Zimbabwe to a democratic future. But there is nevertheless no way of ensuring that a ballot can be meaningful within the short period between Mugabe’s removal and the scheduled date for elections, in June next year.

    The apparatus of vote-rigging and repression that Mugabe entrenched over the years cannot be undone in a year or two, maybe not even in three. The generals whose soft coup kickstarted the process of Mugabe’s demise were the main architects and enforcers of this machinery. They did not initiate Mugabe’s toppling because they have suddenly become genuine democrats. They embarked on their actions because they had no other choice.”

  6. From an article in January 2018 re: Massacre in Matabeleland
    “Mnangagwa, who replaced Robert Mugabe as president in November, was minister of state security at the time of the killings that started in 1983, three years after independence from the U.K. Opposition leaders, former ruling party members and civil-rights groups say he and other members of his new administration bear some responsibility for the atrocities. Mugabe has previously described the episode as a “moment of madness.”
    Another paper says the British had a hand in it
    So this is the guy who was close to the old man and now topples the old man using a coup and SADC just sits there watching and does nothing even when a coup is taking place

  7. “A person has been shot dead as police and soldiers in Harare clashed with opposition protesters amid a delay in announcing the winner of Zimbabwe’s presidential election.”