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Young professionals look beyond borders for greener pastures

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A significant number of young people in Botswana are considering relocating to other countries to start a new life and look for employment opportunities, a survey has established.

Twenty-eight percent of the country’s youth, surveyed by Afro barometer last year has expressed the interest to migrate from the country due to economic hardships.

Fifty one percent of the potential immigrants hold post secondary school education. Nonetheless just about 22% indicated that they were ready to move out.

According to the survey, highly educated Batswana form part of Africa’s youth who have told Afrobarometer about their consideration to migrate from their home countries in search of greener pastures.

“Among the nine countries surveyed in 2017, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Benin, Botswana, Côte d’Ivoire, Malawi, Uganda, Mali, and Nigeria, Zimbabwe has the highest proportion of young potential immigrants,” Afrobarometer stated.

Data from the nine countries, according to Afrobarometer revealed that although the main drivers for potential immigration are the same across all countries, the quest for jobs and better economic prospects and the preferred destinations vary greatly by country, with potential immigrants split between leaving and staying on the continent.

“The new Afrobarometer video, released in conjunction with the global observation, reinforces calls for more concrete steps to create thriving economies that generate jobs, improve living conditions, and make it unnecessary for Africa’s youth to embark on perilous journeys in search of a future,” the non-governmental organization pleaded with governments.


  1. A few days ago 100 migrants from africa jumped over the fence to enter Spain. Most of the migrants who are crossing the mediterranean are young people . The AU does not seem to be doing anything The mediteerranean sea is littered with bodies of african migrants and others .A situation is also arising in Venezuela (South America) this was once an oil rich country so far 4million people are displaced and there is fear that the numbers could surpas those who fled Syria . There is an issue with hyperinflation and there as been anearthquake there. Most of the people are trekking to Ecuador or Brazil. Pregnant Mothers are trekkiing to Brazil to give birth becauseof inadequate natal carein Venezuela but the good thing is the Leaders of the American regionare calling for a regiona meeting to take place not like SADC or AU

  2. A day ago another ship load of 148 african migrants on board being refused to dock in Italy- this is happening on a daily it is not african ships that are rescuing this migrants it is european ships that are doing this work

  3. If one creates a thriving economy one has to tacke issues such as corruption etc. and the wealth between rich and poor needs to be narrowed the gap is too wide

  4. The europeans are doiing more to find a lasting solution about the migrants crossing from africa more than their african counterparts who are just useless who cannot even deal with migrants/refugees in the region

  5. The trouble with those in power in Africa everything is “Challenging” or complex” for them to handle but when it comes to themselves this is not the case .
    If one does not engage with migrants/refugees and find out what is causing the problem, how do you expect to solve the issue?

  6. The migrants/refugees that are rescued from the Meditteranen are treated with dignity and respect and not manhandled like the refugee who went to SADC headquarters only to be arrested why is it hard work on the continent to treat migrants/refugees with dignity and respect?

  7. Latest regarding migrants rescued by Italian Coastgard
    After being refused permission ashore the Deputy Prime Minister is in very hot water andbeing investigated for refusing the migrants and the ship to on shore if this was the african continent the Deputy Prime Minister like SADC would get away with it. Some Bishops have intervened as well as the UN

    The Churches should come foward and assist the refugees in Dukwe Refugee Camp

  8. The following is an article from a British Businessman whose business in Zimbabwe was taken away from by force and it seems no one in zimbabwe is prepared to assist him
    “Petition update
    President E.D.Mnangagwa
    Paul Westwood
    United Kingdom

    24 Aug 2018 —

    Dear Mr President

    Congratulations on your VICTORY sir. I am confident YOU are the right man to move the country forward.

    Please Mr President may I humbly ask you to take ACTION against Hon T.P MLISWA. My MP has written to you. ROHR ZIMBABWE (Restoration of Human Rights Zimbabwe) have written to you and I have written to you to sincerely and humbly ask for Justice through compensation from HON T.P MLISWA who, as you are well aware ILLEGALLY SEIZED my companies, SEVERELY VIOLATED MY Human and Property rights, threatened to Rape my Belgian wife kidnap my two Belgian boys AND KILL me as I am a WHITE BRITISH FDI, creating employment for the amazing people of Zimbabwe.

    I was forced to flee Zimbabwe with NOTHING but a suitcase due to death threats from HON T.P MLISWA and illegally LOST my entire investment over £1Million.

    I HOPE and PRAY now that you are President Justice through compensation WILL prevail.

    #TembasVictim #RestoreDontIgnore

    Yours Faithfully

    Paul and Brenda-Lee Westwood”

  9. What is the current chair Kagame of the AU doing about migrants crossing from Africa into Europe -absolutely nothing but has time to come to an inauguaration of a person who has taken over the country ith the help of the Military in Zimbabwe

  10. In the meantime the Chief Executive of SADC has sent a congratulatory message to the person who is being sworn in as President of Zimbabwe. The latest is that a commission of enquiry into the shootings of unarmed protestors is going to headed by a South African. it should be noted that the opposition were not allowed any South African Advocates to assist them in their argument in the case when challenging election results is that what this organisation stands for that it is biased towards another group of people ?????

  11. Further to comments about migrants crossing the meditteranean this is a latest article:-

    “German Chancellor Merkel Begins Three-Country African Tour
    German Chancellor Angela Merkel has landed in Senegal, the start of a three-country west African tour. The chancellor is set to press for further investment in a region that produces many of the migrants trying to make their way towards Europe.
    That is why mentioned that the european counterparts are doing more than their african counterparts the african counterparts are just putting their hands outstretched for more money to fall in their hands when the continent is rich in resources .
    There is also an article on xenophobic attacks in South Africa recently on migrants ? presume the SADC crowd are expecting the european counterparts to do something about it