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Young Motswana films docudrama

Young Motswana films docudrama
MAKING MOVIES: Kaboyamodimo Dude

Popularly known in the arts industry as ‘Solid’, 23-year-old filmmaker, Kaboyamodimo Dube desperately needs a sturdy cash-injection to complete his latest project.

The Francistown native requires P155, 967 to finalise work on the post-production of ‘Masjid’ and is currently looking for sponsors to help.

Filmed and set in Botswana, the docudrama tells the story of a driven young man and his struggles to make a success of his life – a struggle that is made all the more difficult by the woes of his drug addicted mother.

Talking to Voice Entertainment about “Masjid’, which is Arabic for mosque, Dube revealed, “Principal post production took place in November 2016 and January 2017 and we are now transitioning into photography.”

The young producer, who studied Drama at State Theatre in Pretoria and has successfully registered a film company called Solidworks, believes ‘Masjid’ carries an important moral message that is relevant to the country’s youth.

“Through film, strong messages can be communicated well to the audience,” he said, adding that the docudrama’s target audience was SADC countries.

“I plan to host premiere screenings in Francistown, Serowe and Gaborone, but only if sponsors can come on board,” continued Dube hopefully.

The ambitious Dube, who previously acted in local television drama, ‘Thokolosi’, has produced various short films covering a diverse range of topics, including horror, natural history and science.