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“You should have said sorry!”

“You should have said sorry!

Disabled man drags abusive wife to court after she fails to apologise

A disabled man has dragged his wife to court after she refused to apologise for beating him up.

44-year-old Connie Chapson, of Pitsane village, admitted assaulting her husband, Andrew Chapson, 47, but insists her actions were justified as he insulted her in front of their neighbours.

Andrew, who is partially paralysed from a stroke he suffered in 2010, sustained injuries to his hand and knee in the incident, which took place at the couple’s rented home in Gaborone recently.

“He found me sitting in front of the fire, watching videos from my phone with younger children. He then accused me of cheating on him and called me ‘lebelete’ (b*ch). I got angry and withdrew a log and hit him with it,” Connie told The Voice moments after her brief appearance before Old Naledi Customary Court on Wednesday morning.

The unrepentant woman had earlier pleaded guilty before Kgosi Oageng Mosole.

However, because the prosecution alleged that she beat Andrew with a pipe and not a log as she claimed, the matter was rearranged for a later date, to allow both parties to bring witnesses for a trial.

During the follow-up interview with The Voice, the couple painted an ugly picture of a rocky marriage lacking in trust.

“She always thinks I am cheating on her with an older woman in our neighbourhood, but that is not true. It is very traumatic to be beaten up for something you did not do, more especially attacking a helpless disabled person like me. I can’t even tie my shoelaces because my other hand does not function,” explained Andrew, his wife listening sheepishly in the background.

“You should have said sorry!"
QUARRELLING: Connie and Andrew Chapson

He further accused his wife of ‘double-timing’ him as “she sometimes doesn’t spend nights at home and when I complain she becomes angry. She does not even cook for me!”

Despite his grievances, Andrew maintained that had Sonny apologised to him after the assault, he would not have reported him to the police.

“We would have dealt with it privately!”

Sonny faces a possible maximum sentence of six months in jail should the presiding chief deem it suitable.