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Yo stagga, Cool down Biscat

Yo stagga, Cool down Biscat

At the just ended music festival that took place at the National Stadium, Bissau Gaorekwe made quite the mockery of himself.

Now we all know the no-nonsense brothers who are hired for security at these shows don’t care who you are or how much money you have – if they are told not to let you in they will not, even if you are the President himself.

Apparently, Biscat caused quite a scene at the VIP lounge on Saturday, demanding to be let into the VVIP section.

The security men were having none of it and dragged the fashionable Biscat out of the way, what an embarrassment.

Shaya suggests that next time get the right tag Biscat, these cats don’t care who you are, if you not allowed in, you not allowed in, simple!