Water Utilities Corporation takeover of water management from Water Affairs continued in Bobonong last week with villagers signing in their new water supply agreement forms.

REACHING OUT: WUC official attending to a client

The corporation also took the opportunity to explain their services to the existing and new customers. Senior Communications and Public relations Manager (North) Mmoloki Ntesang said that the response from the public was impressive.

“This is not our first campaign and I must say people came in big numbers and signed contracts with WUC. The objective of this campaign is to enter into contracts with our clients since we have taken over the services from Water Affairs.’’

Ntesang noted that after entering into contracts with clients it would be easy for them to bill them and that in the near future it would be easy for clients to pay their water bills anywhere in the country.Asked on what would happen to those who did not sign the contracts, Ntesang said they won’t be billed and will ultimately be disconnected.

On other issues the water works superintendent for Bobonong Lucas Makepe condemned vandalism of their equipment saying it frustrates their efforts to consistently provide water. He said some people steal equipments especially engine belts that are used to pump water from the wells. “That is why we have an acute shortage of water in the area. We have addressed kgotla meetings to sensitize the public about the impact of vandalism.’’

In a Water Utilities Corporation advert that we carried last week we erroneously wrote that one of the artists to provide entertainment during the SAENELA TUMALANO CAMPAIGN which was held in Bobonong last Saturday would be Zahara when in actual fact it was Sahara. Our sincerely apologies to the Corporation the artists concerned and members of the public for the inconvenience caused by this error.