• Mothers’ 2012′ resolutions for the children

Recently as I accidentally  flattened a toy on my driveway, it occurred to me that  If I received one pula every time I asked my boys to pick up their toys , I’d probably be  half-way to a down-payment on that Range Rover Evoke that I so wish to own.

CAPTION: DEMONSTRATING THE POWER OF A WRITTEN DOWN DREAM: Tererai Trent who beat poverty and illeteracy by writing down her dreams and pursuing them one by one inspires the little ones

Getting children to obey their parents instructions can definitely  be a challenging and stressful thing. That is why this year I have decided to be more consistent on enforcing house rules such as sleeping times(glad to report that I have already started and seem to be on my way to winning)  and little ones picking up after themselves.

We have noticed that New Year’s resolutions have become so last century but despite that last week we promised to publish other mothers’ resolutions for their children in  2012  because whatever the case might be, to simply drift through life without setting goals and objectives would be stupid to say the least.

We also hoped that through publishing such resolutions, through this platform mothers will share ideas on how to raise  kids to become better citizens of this world, so here we go:

A busy Yummy Mummy of Two (Talyssa & Weno) Mercy  Rebaone Thebe; Associate Director; Corporate and Public Relations (Limkokwing University said:

This year, I plan to be a better mommy than I was in 2011. I will be more playful, mindful but not forgetting to instil good morals into my kids. I plan to instil the sense of
responsibility e.g, picking up their clothes and toys, making up their beds even if they don’t do it perfectly
giving to others and sharing e.g, donating their used toys and small clothes to orphanages, and sharing with each other, friends and the less privileged. I will also make sure that I involve them when visiting the orphanages, rather than taking the stuff all by myself.
More healthy eating plan consisting of more homemade meals than plates full of nugget shaped objects.

Shirley Mushore, a Stay at home Mother of two girls, a toddler and a five- year- old said in 2012 she aims to create a loving and respectful home environment for the kids.

-She also wants to make sure she cultivates a habit of living a healthier lifestyle, which will include cooking healthier meals for the entire family.

– Shirley also wants to groom her girls to be better persons by instilling a sense of love and respect for others by demonstrating the same qualities that she wishes to develop in her kids even more this year so that by the time they become teenagers they are respectful and God fearing individuals.

-As part of her demonstration of her love to her children she has purposed  to make time to participate in most if not all their school and other activities.

A busy businesswoman and a mother of three, two girls in lower primary school and one boy in pre-school, Pamela Simango  has already started to enforce one of her top of the list resolution, which is to: Reduce cartoon time to 1 hour per day.

She says: Cartoon time was not controlled last year and in 2012 it has definitely changed.It is also time for her kids to start doing chores around the house. Pamela has decided- “They have to make their beds and during weekends we clean together, especially their rooms.”

All the above resolutions coming from mothers with different backgrounds are impressive, but I must admit I was bowled over by Pamela, a young mother  who actually took time in the first week of this year to write down her thoughts and a road map for the family in 2012 because there’s just something about writing down a vision which gives it life and often makes it happen as demonstrated by among other people a well known case of Tererai Trent, a Zimbabwean  woman who was born into abject  poverty  but  wrote down a list of dreams, which included getting an education and then went about making the list come true against all odds.

She is now a well to do doctor, educator, and a humnitarian   living in the USA thanks to the power of putting a vision on paper, something many of us could adopt and use. For comments, queries and questions write to emangb@thevoicebw.com