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World Cup Takeoff… and Letdown


GROUNDED: Essien won't be soaring or scoring in SA

“I remember it well; I saw all the games.  The best players in the world were there scoring the most memorable goals, Drogba, Beckham, Ballack, Essien, John Mikel Obi…it was wonderful…a once in a lifetime experience.”
What a load of crap.
By the time you read this piece the World Cup will probably have kicked off in South Africa and hopefully we will have seen the last of those awful SuperSport promos.  You know, the clips featuring insincere old geezers making believe the event has already taken place and that they had witnessed unbelievable skills and goals from a bunch of footballers, many of whom will never take the field in the competition because of a string of serious injuries.
Is it just me, or does anyone else find it irritating when total fabrications are presented as if they were facts?
Unfortunately, bogus commercials are not the only thing we are not going to see during the next month.  It looks like we are also going to miss out on the flood of tourism generated cash we were promised as a spin-off of the World Cup.  We already knew that Gaborone’s failure to convince one of the competing nations to set up camp there and Francistown’s inability to get their new stadium and airport completed on time to try to do the same would cost the nation big bucks and loads of free publicity, but most people still expected our game lodges, hotels and national parks to be full during this period. I mean taking the wife on a high-priced safari in Chobe or the Okavango Delta has got to be one of the best ways for football fanatics from around the world to justify the costs of their World Cup tickets and plane fares.
According to a friend who books these trips, however, that just isn’t happening, and amazingly, business actually appears to be down a bit for this time of year. That means if you happen to have a few thousand spare US dollars and you want to go someplace that has a generator during the predicted football related power cuts, you can still get into most of our top game resorts on very short notice.
But if you decide to go that route, you won’t see me there.  I’m off to Rustenburg with one of The Voice editors to watch England do battle against my native country the United States.  Talk about your perks; there was no way I was going to fork out the cash for one of those over-priced tickets but my employers managed to come up with the goods so that I’ll have the chance to write something for you about the experience.
Would any of you like to hear my prediction for the match?
Fair enough, but here it is anyway:  Another defeat to the States would be far too humiliating to bear for the nation that invented the game so I don’t see England playing with an open attacking style and there is a distinct possibility the game could be a real yawner.  Having said that, I do think the POMEs will edge the play and grab the lead before a late handball in the penalty area or an own-goal from John Terry gifts a point to the States.


  1. So you were right Mr Brina! It was a good game though! England have psychological freeze about their ability on the big stage, yet look formidable on paper! Are these Rooney’s overrated? Answer for yourself! What about France? Pathetic but look unbeatable on paper!

    I doubt people will be going far from the historic spectacle on the African continent! That’s why I’m not surprised about tourism data! Botswana has to build infrastructure including transport, hotels and good health care service to realistically attract the big teams here and make it easy for people to tour our country! All that talk was not realistic and now we have been woken up! We shoud not pitty ourselves though! We should continue to buld and market ourselves after this!