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Why won’t they repair my sofas?

Why won’t they repair my sofas?

I and my wife bought leather sofas in late December last year by credit at a certain furniture store in Gaborone amounting to P22,000 with a deposit of P700 and in February this year we noticed that the sofas are starting to crack or tearing off.

We informed the store to come and see the situation because we feel it was so soon for sofas to start to wear out, again it was our second instalment of payment.

The furniture people did not come to see the situation but told us to bring pictures of the sofas to them to send them to their supplier and we did that by using our cell phones cameras, but on our arrival we were told that the pictures are not clear we have to find a better camera or cell phone to bring the better pictures which we did not have.

We told them that our cell phones can only show that kinds of pictures and ask them if it cannot be better for them to come and take pictures, and they told us that they do not have transport.

Now we are stalk we do not know what to do. Every month we pay an instalment of P700 sometimes they call to remind us to pay but when we talk about the sofas they say we must bring pictures.

Please advise us on what to do next?

This is simply not good enough. You’ve done everything right and the store seem to be trying to do everything wrong.

You’ve given them evidence that there’s a problem with the sofas and their argument about picture quality sounds like a delaying tactic to me.

I also congratulate you for continuing to pay your instalments. Many people stop paying in situations like this which can be the worst possible thing to do.

That just enables the store to repossess the goods, sell them and still hold you responsible for the debt.

Remember that repossession doesn’t mean you can walk away.

You can even end up owing more after the goods have been taken away.

We’ll get in touch with the store and see if they can’t exercise a bit more care for their valuable customer!