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Gofaone Koogotsitse
SUICIDE: Four women commit suicide by hanging

The last week of last month ended tragically as four women in four different villages committed suicide by hanging.

On Wednesday last week in two unrelated separate incidents, two women killed themselves, one in Botshabelo ward, Dikhukhung near Phitshane Molopo and another in Molaodi ward in Lehututu.

On Sunday two more women hanged themselves in Tsabong and Moshupa villages

In the first incident, police reported that an 83-year-old mentally disturbed woman of Dikhukhung left home without disclosing her destination only to be found a few metres away from home hanging by a head scarf from a tree,

The same day in the evening another woman, aged 38 from Lehututu also reportedly hanged herself using a wire following a misunderstanding with her husband.

It is alleged that the woman sneaked out of her matrimonial home at night and when her husband searched for, he followed her foot prints to a nearby bush and back but when he returned home he found her hanging from the roof.

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“We are shocked that more and more women are committing suicide, a problem which once affected mostly men. We understood women to be good at controlling their tempers and emotions even under strenuous conditions. We encourage people to seek counselling and advice from elders and relevant authorities,” said Tshane Police Station Commander, Superintendent Vusimuzi Jorowe.

Tsabong Station Commander, Superintendent Christopher David also said that on Sunday (April 30th, 2023) they received a report that there was a woman hanging on a tree and rushed her to the hospital where she was certified dead.

The 66-year-old was reportedly found with a dress belt tied around her neck and no suicide note was left.

The same Sunday evening a 15-year-old Form 3 girl in Diboto ward, Moshupa also committed suicide by hanging herself with a rope.

Moshupa Police Station commander, Superintendent Goitsemang Sekgabo said they were still investigating the cause of death.

However, Scottish Livingstone Hospital psychiatric nurse Silonde Matlhabaphiri revealed during the recent World Suicide Prevention Day that causes of suicide include relationship issues, mental conditions like Schizophrenia, depression, substance abuse, debts, other chronic conditions and loss of loved ones.

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She advised the public to always seek assistance from health facilities who can assess and provide counselling even to those who are highly suicidal.

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