A Palapye woman has been charged with unlawful wounding after scalding her maid’s 4-year old daughter with boiling water following a fight with the Zimbabwean woman.

The whole drama, it is alleged, started when the toddler spilled some yoghurt on the floor and angered her mother’s boss.

In a fit of rage, the 34-year old Maungo Mothobi is said to have then asked for a mop to clean the floor, but the young girl’s mother, Merenia Lambiteni, 37, insisted that she would do the cleaning.

According to Lambiteni, Mothobi then took the mop and hit her on the mouth and she decided to fight back. “She broke my tooth with the mop and I got angry and beat her up. She went into the kitchen and took boiling water which she splashed on my daughter,” Lambiteni said.

The badly burnt young girl was admitted at Palapye Primary hospital while Mothobi was arrested by the police.

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sarah molake

she doesnt have the right to burn that little girl with water,moo ke moa oo maswe,,i wish she will pay for wht she did ,if she didnt want her maid she could have just sent her away,,ngwana ke ngwana it doesnt matter where she is from.


Was the issue about spilled yogurt or she has been trapping the maid? As if the maid told the toddller to spill. This one even when you are her boyfriend, you got to keep checking, otherwise hot water will splash all over your face one day when having some differences.

jaanong mogwaneng obatlang ka one a lwa le mmagwe ngwana plis dnt treat other pple in this way, ngwana mongwe le mongwe oka tsholola dijo

Chatiwa L Manyepedza-Cotter

The yoghurt was spilled yes we understand but is this reason enough to scald a child with boiling water? Really?
Some people treat housekeepers like subhuman beings. I wonder if this was because the maid is a foreigner. This woman should be maid to pay the maid for lost wages and be sent to prison for her cruel and unusual treatment of a child.


Naare motho yo "Maungo" keeng; Moloi he bathong? Ngwana otsena jang mo mo ntweng ya bababedi? I wouldn’t be shocked if someone can tell me she’s barren; this has got nothing to do with the poor kid really. I bet she has never experienced the pains of bringing a life on Earth. Only Moloi, Keene yo o ka dirang jalo, we grew up hearing that a witch is a very dangerous person; fa a bona o mopalela o go tshwara kako baneng; exactly what this woman has done, she’s evil, an angel of the devil she is; very satanic stupid… Read more »


Goodness gracious the child is a just a child and will do things like most children will do spill things at this age – why involve the child?- The woman also broke the maids tooth and hit her with a mop-The this is just also an example of cruelty to people metted on people from other countries who are trying to do an honest days work to put food on the table – No matter how desperate these people are from other countries one has no right to be cruel to them taking advantage of their desperation.


…just over a spilled yoghurt???? I mean really yoghurt?? Some people are dead alive..boiling water in a young life!!! Mxm!

She must go to jail. How can she be so heartless to burn the poor child I wonder she has any kids or maybe she is not normal.



Uncle Dick

Comment *maungo is mad, i wish the child she burnt with hot water could be mine, was goin to show the world how bad i am,