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Woman gets 15 years for robbing and killing her aged grandma

FILE PIC: Jailed woman

Lady luck last week smiled on a Bobonong woman who robbed her 93-year-old grandmother before strangling her to death, as she escaped possible capital punishment and was sentenced to only 15 years in jail for the grisly offence.

Bonolo Hadinga, 30, is alleged to have brutally killed the aged Matsuka Mokwena in June 2011.

Nearly seven years later, Justice Phadi Solomon of the Francistown High court, considered the accused’s ‘rustic background’ and handed down the lenient jail sentence.

On the fateful day, the unemployed Hadinga is said to have demanded money from the defenseless old woman and when she refused she went on and robbed her before strangling her to death.

The granny was found dead the following day and a young boy who witnessed the incident notified the rest of the family and the matter was reported to the police.

Before passing sentence the Judge reminded Hadinga of her previous unlawful wounding conviction which landed her in jail for three months in 2007. “Then in 2008 the accused was given three months extramural punishment for bad behaviour,” added Justice Solomon.

The judge however considered that the accused’s mother died when she was only 10 years old and that she was the one taking care of her sister and the sister’s children through farming.

“She was said to be remorseful and helped the police with investigations and that she lacked formal education as she only did Standard 7 and one term in Form 1 and grew up in a rustic background.

The sentence was backdated to the 6th of September 2017 when Hadinga was remanded in custody.