Woman escapes marriage wrecking charge
A WOMAN SCORNED: Selinah Oganne

A 20-year-old woman from Kanye was found not guilty of wrecking her employer’s marriage – despite having an 11-month-old child with the complainant’s Nigerian husband.

Unemployed Amogelang Moupanaga, who was just 18 when she fell pregnant with Godwin Aneke’s baby, was acquitted of any wrongdoing by Mogoditshane Customary Court last Thursday.

The court’s verdict did not go down well with Aneke’s 35-year-old wife, Selinah Oganne, who had originally demanded P32, 000 compensation from her young love rival.

When it became clear that Moupanaga would not be able to pay, Oganne begged court to send the youngster to jail instead.

However, Kgosi Tswina Mochudi found the accused innocent, ruling that Aneke had seduced the then-teenager, taking advantage of her youthfulness and naivety.

When giving evidence before court, under Oganne’s furious glare, a composed Moupanaga confidently revealed that she started seeing Aneke in 2015, when he promised her a job in return for her heart.

“It was the time I completed school. I had no job, the man proposed love to me and promised to hire me at his company – he promised to take care of me. At that time I never knew the man was married,” the diminutive accused testified, adding that she broke up with Aneke as soon as she discovered he was married – unfortunately she was already two months pregnant with the Nigerian’s child and employed at his car company by that point.

“I am no longer dating with her husband. All I need is for him to maintain his child,” continued Moupanaga, staring defiantly at Oganne as she spoke.

In a twist to the drama, it was revealed before court that the complainant once ‘stole’ Moupanaga’s baby from her, but the family reported the incident to the Police and the child was immediately returned to his mother.

Describing how she exposed her unfaithful husband’s wondering willy, Oganne told court she found a ‘love’ text message on his phone.

After realising the message was sent by one of his employee’s, the enraged woman said she stormed into her husband’s offices and cornered the young concubine, locking her in a room until she confessed everything.

Following her dramatic testimony, a teary-eyed Oganne listened in silent disbelief as Mochudi ruled that Moupanaga was too young to be held responsible for her actions.

To add insult to Oganne’s injury, the Kgosi ordered that her husband continue to pay maintenance for the child he had illegitimately fathered.

Speaking to The Voice after the trial, Moupanaga’s parents vowed to make the married man pay for impregnating their child.

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