Will they replace my phone?
Will they replace my phone?

My phone wouldn’t turn on so I dropped off my iPhone 6 at a phone repair shop in January 2016.
We kept calling the repair shop to check how far they were with the phone.

They told us that the battery had died and needed a new one.

They said they were expecting a shipment to arrive.

He said batteries would be among the expected stock and that he would fix the phone.

My hubby kept following up and eventually they told him to come and collect the phone as they could not repair it.

They said they didn’t get the battery they were hoping for.

I went there in March and the guymade a quick phone call and immediately told me that the phone was at his other repair shop and asked me to go with him to this new repair shop.

Then they told me that my phone had been stolen along with other customers’ phones.

They told my hubby the same story.

Interestingly, they told him that he didn’t report the theft to the police but he promised that he would replace it.

Then they told my hubby that he needed until end of Easter to buy a replacement.

Easter came and went and both me and my husband called him and his phone went unanswered.

I then sent him messages through Whatsapp and SMS but he chooses to ignore them.

Whatsapp also indicated that he has received and read my messages.

Please help. I have lost valuable information and quite an expensive phone.

He is neither taking my calls nor my husbands.I really need your intervention.

Should I report the matter to the police?

I don’t think this is a Police matter.

As far as I can see nobody has committed a crime.

Being useless isn’t a crime. Of course the repair store should have called the Police when they had the break-in and the reason is simple.

If you don’t report a crime to the Police, how can you expect them to investigate it?

What this also means is that the store clearly didn’t have insurance.

If they had insurance against theft then the insurance company would demand a police report.

So they didn’t have insurance. So they’re even more useless.

I contacted the manager of the store and asked what he was planning to do to fix this problem and this is what he said.

“The plan is to get her a replacement,the only delay is the funds which ae not yet enough as of now but by month end April she will have her phone. As earlier we are taking full responsibility. Apart from her 3 other clients are getting replacements.”

So some good news. I hope.

We’ll follow up with him to make sure he keeps his promise.

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