Police in Maun are investigating a case in which a 37- year- old woman of Thito ward is accusing her soon to be ex-husband of raping their biological daughter two years ago.

According to information gathered by The Voice, the complainant from Tsau village in the North West District uttered those allegations recently at Francistown High Court after her husband filed for divorce.

After the woman told court that her divorcing husband raped their now four year old daughter while she was two, the court postponed the divorce case proceedings and ordered investigations on the rape issue.

Detective Assistant Superintendent Marupamabe of Criminal Investigations Office confirmed having such a case at his station.

“I can confirm that we are investigating a case in which a woman is said to have told the High court that her husband raped their daughter two years back.”

He said that they did not have any more details about the case as it was reported on Tuesday morning and that they have not yet brought both parties for questioning.

Marupamabe said that once investigations are complete the woman will be brought before court as a witness. He however pleaded with people to report such incidents while still fresh because reporting after long period makes investigations difficult.

Meanwhile, a friend close to the woman dismissed the allegations as pure sour grapes from her friend who does not want to face divorce.

“That woman is making up things so that her husband stops the divorce proceedings how you can report a rape case two after, that’s insane,” she said.

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The woman is bitter coz of the divorce. she maust be charged with giving false information and defamation. Le gale gongwe motho o ijetse ngwana. Ija

wa thola, o bona a tlhalwa o bata go senyetsa yo moongwe future ka zanti that satan woman

Luetanant Generall

O a lwala mosadi yoo, try sumthng better, o paletswe.


no madam u are not telling the truth o bitter…..lebaka le le kalo o paletswe mapodise o ne tota a investigater eng hela