Fed up with the heartbreak of being married to a serial cheater, Maitumelo Timela has twice taken the marriage wreckers to court and is determined to make future mistresses pay THE PRICE

Having successfully sued two of her husband’s mistresses for marriage wrecking, and with a third in her sights, Maitumelo Timela is on a crusade.

The 31-year-old mother of two has vowed to continue taking legal action against the women sharing a bed with her cheating husband.

She admits that her rocky relationship with Comfort Timela, 30, is irreparable, but has sworn to milk the man’s mistresses until her husband learns to respect his family and marital status.

“The time for tears is over – now it is time to get even.

IN DEMAND: Comfort Timela
IN DEMAND: Comfort Timela

Since he doesn’t want to choose between me and his chain of women, I will sort his mistresses out and make them pay.

Even if he has to pay the money himself I don’t give a damn since he has also long stopped supporting his family.

I have talked to him and even tried his parents but the man can’t change although he doesn’t want to go for a divorce,” she says as she relates the story of her broken marriage.

Twisting what she terms her ‘meaningless wedding ring’ around her finger during the interview, she claims her husband changed seven months after their marriage.

That was when the first of his known ‘other women,’ Jessica Matsapa came into the picture.

At that time Maitumelo was pregnant with her second child. She told how she traced her husband after carrying out her own investigations and caught the man red-hand in bed with Jessica.

“The relationship with Jessica created a lot of problems between me and Comfort.

Although I took her to the customary court where she was fined P3 000 for marriage wrecking, the woman wouldn’t let go of my man.


He rented a house and went to live with Jessica until she fell pregnant.”

With Jessica now pregnant and Maitumelo still holding part of the cash paid from the court case, Comfort came home and begged forgiveness, sweet-talking his wife into taking him back.

Since she still loved her husband and having the impression that he had changed his ways, she welcomed him home, as much for the sake of the children as her own happiness.

But then a few months later, and when all the cash was gone, Comfort found another new girl Francinah Mmereki.

As usual he started receiving love messages on his phone and also took calls from the woman at night.

Sometimes he would just disappear from home without notice, and coming home late from work again became the norm.

Then when the continual fights became too much for her to take, Maitumelo decided to move out of their rented house.

“Although I had moved away I continued to search for the woman who was wrecking our marriage.


Since Comfort was not paying any maintenance, I determined that his mistress would have to pay.”

It did not take long for her to trace the new woman Francinah Mmereki, who she told to back off from her husband.

But her pleas fell on a stony heart since the other woman was not prepared to let him go.

As fate would have it Maitumelo came across Francinah’s estranged boy friend.

“The guy offered to give evidence in court on my behalf and even provided Facebook messages that further incriminated the woman.

Then with the addition of my own evidence I filed a case and the woman was ordered to pay me P6 000 in a period of not more than six weeks,” she said.


Maitumelo is determined that whilst she remains married to Comfort, she will continue to milk his mistresses one after the other.

And it seems that it won’t be long before she carries out the threat.

Just last week she revealed that she had sniffed out yet another woman she believed was having an affair with her husband.

The discovery comes at a particularly distressing time in Maitumelo’s life as her father has passed away.

“I am going home for my father’s funeral but when I come back the search for the next victim in the history of my collapsing marriage will be continuing,” Maitumelo said as she prepared to catch a bus to Kgagodi, her home village.


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oops and by the way 17% of Batswana at the moment are (HIV +)

so be careful what you wish for
cause he just might get it and if he get it
then you just might not know what to do with it
cause it might just come back on you TEN FOLD!!
(EMINEM chorus)


Sefela- Ikanye Rara, mo roma!O bona ga o ka ipolelela gore you will use your strenth to end this case, aahh..!Forget my sister, there is a way to handle this behavoir!It’s in Spirit!Seek the face of God mma!Lenyalo le tlhodilwe ke Modimo, Ga o dumela gore ke monna wa gago yoo mo filweng ke Modimo go back to God and tell Him your complains!He won’t give you a troublesome man, There is an era e diragalang in your marriage a batlang fo fixiwa.Wake up and go to the fatherless father,you will come back with smiles in your face and your… Read more »


monna wa teng le ene a le maswe jaana ga twe ba mmona eng? le gale kana gatwe bontle jwa monna bo mo phatleng lol………..(money,money) mosadi yo o tsile go lapa batho ba modimo esp ka go lebega monna wa gagwe a na le letimona la bomme


Do you enjoy the money mme gone?Get professional counseling to help you.Look for alternatives to make money,that wont hurt you even more.That monkey dsnt deserve you.