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Who’s fooling who?

Who's fooling who?

‘Conflicted’ cop in pastor’s murder case suspended, or studying

Did superintendent Olebile Sitale of the Mochudi police go on study leave, was he suspended or is he still at work?

The case involving shamed Apostolic Faith Mission Pastor, Mooketsi Mogomotsi has plunged Mochudi police station into confusion with junior officers expressing mistrust of their senior superintendent Olebile Sitale and his bosses struggling to provide a definite response concerning his recent leave from office.

Speculation was rife in Mochudi this week that police boss, Superintendent Sitale, who recused himself from the Mochudi AFM pastor murder case had been suspended, pending investigations into the Pastor murder saga.

Earlier this month, Sitale stepped aside from Mogomotsi’s murder case, in which the disgraced pastor is alleged to have paid two youths P73, 000 to kill his wife, Dainah Ompelege Mogomotsi in December last year.

The station commander decided not to be part of investigations, citing a potential conflict of interest arising from him being a member of the accused pastor’s church.

On Tuesday, when The Voice team found Superintendent Sitale handing over the station to Assistant Superintendent, Kabelo Bome, tongues started wagging from within the police force with some claiming that the top cop had been laid aside for investigations to continue unhindered.

The irate Sitale however denied that the handover was a suspension and claimed to merely be going on study leave.

Matters however became confused when the superintendent’s explanation was vehemently dismissed by Botswana Police Spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner, Witness Bosija, who unequivocally told The Voice that Sitale was not going on study leave.

“He was just counting cases and riffles for the audit – he is not going anywhere,” insisted Bosija, who added that Sitale was still an employee of the Botswana Police.

However, a highly placed source at Mochudi Police Station revealed that they were called for a meeting last week, where Sitale told them of his break.

“He told us he would be taking a short study leave from work but we know that he was lying,” claimed the suspicious cop.

Considerations were allegedly afoot to transfer the docket to a different station for investigation.

Meanwhile, inquiries by highly placed sources in the investigating team, have indicated that the accused pastor could have been part of a criminal syndicate, which included a Chinese crew.

The underground gang were allegedly involved in money laundering, drugs and poaching, which Mogomotsi’s wife was believed to be opposed to.