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IS HE READY: Daniel Nare

Sports journalists are questioning the rationale of appointing assistant national team coach Kenneth Mogae as the national Under 23 head coach.
The scribes opine that there is just too much work at the Zebras especially with the Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers going on. Mogae is also head coach for the relegated Boteti Young Fighters and there was a general feeling that Mogae was being over burned with responsibilities while there are other coaches who can guide the Young Zebras.
“I have never been to any coaching course, and do not want to profess that I know better. However I still do not see any reason why we should have the Zebras assistant coach appointed the under 23 coach,” said Yarona FM sports presenter Thabo Osekeng.
Osekeng further suggested that Extension Gunners coach Daniel ‘Chicco’ Nare should be roped in to lead the Under 23 side.
He was supported by his colleague MacDonald ‘Chillyboy’ Rakgare who wanted to know the criteria used to appoint Mogae to such a position.
“Mogae’s team was relegated, so does it work well for Botswana Football Association and our national team to have him in  the hot seat?” Rakgare asked.
He also suggested that Nare should be given a chance to lead the Under 23 side, a suggestion that was supported by the Voice scribe Monnakgotla Mojaki.
“Giving one person so much responsibility may give the impression that there are no  other people who can lead our junior team. We all know that Chicco is capable,” Mojaki said.
However others argued that a  coach should not necessarily be judged based on the performance of his club.
They argued that Mogae is being persecuted only because his team got relegated without considering that the same man helped Boteti to gain promotion and sustained the team for three seasons.
They raised the point that when coach Stanley Tshosane was given the nod to lead the Zebras, taking the reigns from Colwyn Rowe journalists raised concerns that his club then, BDF XI was on the verge of relegation.
They wanted to know how BFA could appoint a coach who has failed at club level, but the association stuck to their guns.
Tshosane went on to lead back the club into the premier league at the play-offs.
BFA President David Fani said some issues raised are important and should  be given the attention they deserve.
“I will however not dwell on criteria used to appoint coaches. What is important is to find ways to work together and lead the country forward,” Fani said.


  1. Our BFA is running shot of ideas datz why de same coaches dey appoint go to n extend of selecting bench warmers to the national team. tota rona mo botswana rema clounara de s nutin we duin sese nan le vision

  2. You guys are morons. Just because is Mogae stories will arise,jealous…Mogae was assistant to the Late Sam Sono and they did well together and thats the team that gave Malepa bolelang,thobo Kgoboge,Dijogadifele le ba bangwe.Where was Chico then? Bitching around the teams. Now that Sam is late definetly Mogae has to take over and continue from where they left. The bottom line is our futbol is corrupt,fa o bona F.A e kgona go rekisa game ko china it means posts are sold locally. Let Mogae show us what he has learnt from that spell not gore chico a tle gore bontsha what he has learnt from taking gunners to spot 2 after decades

  3. Mo Botswana go hirwa difane, ka gore re kile ra naa le Mogae mo maemong aa ko godimo mo lefatsheng go tlaa tabogelwa go hirwa Kenneth Mogae e seng Chicco Dance Nare. A Chicco Dance Nare a neelwe tiro eo go tlogelwe difane ka gore Nare ke mokatisi oo itshupileng mo nakong ee a e nnileng le ditlhopha tsotlhe tse adi katisitseng.

  4. tota ba ba tshwanang bo usualsuspect ra bo re tshameka ka matlho a rona re bala di comment tsa bone; o bua ka batho baba feitsen national team. look the point is kenneth wil b overworked n inturn bring poor results.YES CHICCO SHOULD HAVE GOT THE JOB

  5. The national team is winning coz of individual brillance of players. We hav gud players but the way they r couchd,…iesh,..,no combination. Should we find a better couch,2012 afcon here we come.

  6. chicco n mogae i think chicco is the best 2 take this small boys show thim how futbol botswana dey re going injoy futbol