The countdown to the swearing in of Mokgweetsi Masisi as the next President of the Republic of Botswana is coming to an end in a week’s time.

Next week Sunday Masisi, who is currently the VP, automatically ascends to the highest office in the country, leaving a vacant VP post that many are jostling to fill.

The public, Botswana Democratic Party’s members of Central Committee, Members of Parliament and Cabinet Ministers are all not sure of whom Masisi will pick as his vice.

The Voice Reporter, Daniel Chida engages Political Analyst, Leonard Sesa to discuss possible candidates.

Tshekedi Khama

Tshekedi is not only President Khama’s brother but has benefited personally from his older brother’s presidency.

When Khama was the Botswana Defence Force (BDF) commander, Tshekedi’s company which he co –owns with his twin brother Anthony, Seleka Springs made over P100 million from acting as agents for companies doing business with BDF.

Tshekedi is currently a Member of Parliament for Serowe North West and also the Minister of Environment, Natural Resources, Conservation and Tourism.

This is the same Ministry, which oversees the tourism sector in which his brother, Khama has business interests.

Tshekedi is also an additional member of the BDP Central Committee.

The President selects additional members of the CC.

Did Khama give Masisi a directive to hand over the baton to his brother?

Political Analyst View: Not possible.

There have been dissenting voices speaking against bringing another Seretse’s child as it may look like they own this country.

Edwin Batshu

Who is the next VP?
Edwin Batshu

The Nkange Constituency’s legislator has been a Minister of Labour and Home Affairs before it changed to Nationality, Immigration and Gender Affairs.

The former Police Commissioner once acted as The Minister of Justice Defence and Security after the then Minister Ramadeluka Seretse resigned because of his corruption case, which was before the courts.

Although he commands a lot of respect within cabinet, the same cannot be said about his constituency.

Batshu has lost respect from his people especially from his home village, Maitengwe.

His community’s refusal to contribute presents for the outgoing President proved that Batshu has lost influence among his own people.

That alone could dent his chances of being elected VP.

Political Analyst view: Not possible.

Age is not on his side and despite the good that he did for this country, he must set an leave when he still can deliver.

Slumber Tsogwane

Who is the next VP?
Slumber Tsogwane

There were fears that the BDP was pushing Tsogwane out by bringing in the youthful Specially elected MP, Bogolo Kenewendo.

However there have been some changes as news coming from Tsholetsa house indicates that the new MP will not contest in the coming elections but will be brought back as SEMP again.

The father of the house has been having it easy at Boteti West but it remains to be seen if he will charm his way into Masisi’s position.

Political Analyst View: Not possible. He doesn’t have the qualities to be VP; Masisi will need someone who can match him in energy and style.

Pelonomi Venson- Moitoi

Who is the next VP?
Pelonomi Venson Moitoi

The Minister of International Affairs and Cooperation is one of the longest serving MPs and this earned her the name Mother of the House.

Although she did not officially announce her resignation from politics, it is a know secret that Mma Venson as she is called will not be seeking another term in office.

She sits next to Masisi in parliament and the VP has been seen often leaning towards her, body language shows that he could be taking some advice from her.

Not only does she command respect from the ruling party but she is also well respected from the opposition corridors.

When she speaks men listen.

Political Analyst view: Possible. She stands a chance only if she publicly announces that she won’t be contesting.

The same way Khama did with Ponatshego Kedikilwe, Masisi would have to do that.

Moyo Guma

Who is the next VP?
Guma Moyo

The controversial MP for Tati East is alleged to be one of the people who funded the VP’s faction during the party’s elective congress in Tonota last year.

Guma speaks his mind and of late he has been breaking ranks with his fellow democrats as he attacked the Minister of Mineral Resources, Green Technology and Energy, Sadique Kebonang asking him to resign to clear his name just like he (Guma) once did when he was faced with a graft case.

Although some political pundits have pointed out that Guma was trying to eliminate those he sees as a threat to a position he is eyeing, it remains to be seen if Masisi would select this business mogul to the VP position.

Political Analyst view: Not possible. We need someone who would set as an exemplary and Guma is not the one.

He has many corruption scandals hanging over his head.

Nonofo Molefhi

Who is the next VP?
Nonofo Molefhi

The Minister of Infrastructure and Housing Development stood against the odds and contested against the VP during the party’s congress in Tonota.

Together with his camp, the Masisi’s faction annihilated them.

The two have not been reconciled and VP went on record saying it is upon those who lost to see that they approach him not vice versa.

Will the two men work together; some suggest that for the sake of unity it would be better that Masisi appoints him while some think the VP sees him as an ambitious man who may topple him.

Political Analyst views: Possible. He lost to Masisi because he simply couldn’t match Masisi’s financial muscle,but he is the second best.

Sesa’s choice:

Dorcus Makgatho

Who is the next VP?
Dorcus Makgato

I don’t know why people cannot see this woman as potential VP. Makgatho delivered at her former Ministry of Trade and Industry and she is currently doing the same at Ministry of Health and Wellness.

Prince Maele

Who is the next VP?
Prince Maele

Despite the scandals that he has been implicated in, he is the hardest working Minister.

You can see that he is a threat to many and those people tend to plot against him.

*Disclaimer Sesa is from Tswapong region

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