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Who are you? Show your face!

Who are you? Show your face!
Who are you Show your face!

Minister of Youth Empowerment, Sports and Culture Development, Thapelo Olopeng takes no chances with cyber security.

We all know that the hip ‘Tips’ is the most interactive minister on social media, particularly Facebook – indeed, he is the King of the slap back on Facebook!

His followers know that if you throw a stone at him, he hurls a mountain back at you.

Recently, one Facebook user got the shock of his life when he was asked by Minister Olopeng to provide login details and an email address for verification before ‘Tips’ could respond to his ‘Dumelang’ inbox.

Well, to be fair to the Minister, Shaya is also cautious of these out of the blue greetings. But asking for someone’s login details?

There you have it Shaya nation, if a minister can go to such lengths it means there is a huge problem.

We’re not paranoid after all – there are moles out there!