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When love hurts

When love hurts


Broke and ‘abused’ husband commits suicide * Leaves love note to the wife *Asks to be buried as a pauper.

What’s love got to do with it?

Everything! That’s if a suicide note by a 60- year old English man declaring undying love to his “Rose’ is anything to go by.

Broke and allegedly a victim of domestic abuse, Ivan Arthur Kimberly’s lifeless body was found hanging from the rafters in Dukwi last week on a Monday morning.

This was his second attempt in two months after he reportedly tried to end his life in December by slashing his wrists and had to spend a few days in Tutume hospital.

Kimberly whose other suicide note addressed to the police had wishes to be “ buried like a pauper,” was cremated in Mahalapye on Saturday in a modest ceremony attended by his wife and his ex-wife from South Africa.

Shocked neighbors spoke of how Kimberly was “abused and kept on a short leash” by Rose, his wife of seven years.

Refuting allegations that his child was a husband abuser, Rose’s father, Elijah Chishoni, however said the accusations were nothing but malicious village gossip.

“We don’t know what could have driven him to commit suicide but we suspect financial problems. My son –in- law was broke and he wasn’t taking it too well. You know white people like to live a certain lifestyle and when he realized he no longer had the money to do that he saw it fit to kill himself,” Chisoni said.

But before the father in-law could finish telling his story, Rose’s mother suddenly got angry and asked The Voice crew to leave.

“Why do you want to tarnish this man’s legacy by telling the whole world that he left such embarrassing suicide notes?” said the angry old woman.

Kimberly, an electrical engenier from England apparently came to Africa with his family as young miner but eventually got divorced before he married Rose.

Dukwi Police Chief, Gopolang Mokgatle confirmed the dead man’s identity and revealed that police had contacted his ex wife as per the suicide note.

Sir, Sorry for this but I have no choice. Can you help me with two things?

1. I have no money. Bury or burn my body as a pauper. It does not matter.

2. Can you contact my ex-wife in S.A. and tell her I am dead.