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What road?

What road?
STUBBORN: Kgosi Mantu Rantutu

Land conflict stalls development in Tsolamosese Kgosi refuseS to give way for road construction

A headman of arbitration in Mokolwe ward in Tsolamosese; Mogoditshane area, is refusing to move the kgotla to give way for road construction.

Due to a land conflict between Mogoditshane sub landboard and the headman, kgosi Mantu Rantutu, over the kgotla, a road which is to join Tsolamosese with Gaborone Block 9 and Mmokolodi is yet to be built.

“What road? I am not moving the kgotla and I have reasons not to,” Rantutu pointed out during an interview in Tsolamosese this week.

Last week a kgotla meeting was held at Rantutu’s kgotla where government officials, including the sub district’s commissioner, senior assistant council secretary, a representative from Mogoditshane customary court, landboard officials and area councilors and Tsolamosese residents were in attendance.

In the meeting Rantutu refused to allow the kgotla to be moved and in an interview this week he reiterated his position; “The issue here is not the kgotla per se, they are after my father’s residential plot. They are after our home. There is a lot of deceit going on and I tell you, I can smell a rat from all this.”

Rantutu explained in the interview that for many years, the landboard has declined to give his mother a certificate for their residential plot without reasonable explanation.

“Since the passing of our father (Moeti Rantutu in 2011), we have been trying to get the certificate from the landboard because ours is an old plot, but we have been tossed back and forth, from one office to the other, but to no avail,” Rantutu added.

Last week’s kgotla meeting was convened a week after Rantutu made a public plea to former president, Ian Khama when he was donating a house to a less privileged family in Tsolamosese.

Rantutu had pleaded with Khama to help him with more fencing material for the kgotla, since what he received from the council was not enough to complete the fencing. Khama then said he will consult the relevant authority before he could make the pledge.

“I suspect my plea made them move swiftly to block the fencing. I do not understand why they want to move the kgotla because it is the council which provided the other fencing material for the same project,” Rantutu stated.

What road?
COUNCILLOR: Ofentse Shaka Ditshuge

Explaining the impasse, area councillor, Ofentse Shaka Ditshuge of Tsolamosese Block 3, revealed that Rantutu’s homestead was standing in the way of development hence the request to move it.

The family has been offered seven residential plots as compensation and money for their existing developed structures.

“Rantutu has refused to take the offer,” Ditshuge explained.

Nonetheless he explained that the Thurday meeting has resolved to move the kgotla anyway, “it is just a matter of moving the corner poles slightly aside to allow the road to be built.”

Even though Rantutu has denied the seven plots offer claim, Landboard Secretary, Anthony Bashingi confirmed it.

“Initially we offered seven plots but later added one to make them eight to compensate for their existing development. We have written to him, it is a matter that was resolved through the ministry. The man is holding a diamond (fortune), it is just that he cannot see it!” Bashingi explained.