MY SON: Andrew Ayew

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” This is the good news according to Romans 8:28.
And there is no greater truth. God never misses a chance to reciprocate. In fact, those that have the right connection to the right network, the Kingdom of God, can always be assured of something — it is never out of service. The line is forever clear, and brings only the good news.
Of course, there will always be hijackers who will just do about everything to cut off the line and frustrate the communication. These are called sickness, death, unemployment, sadness and the list is endless. However, when you are connected to God’s line, everything always comes together. And divine meetings do take place.
If you are a Facebook junkie, by now you should know that Yours Truly and a few woman journalists from here, Zambia, Namibia, Canada, Norway and Iceland were in Mzansi last week to groom each other for future leadership. Of course, a few old buddies from Jozi were there to share their experiences. But those who immediately hit the social network were not really onto how to shape our futures.
It was all about the two days of hanging with the boys! Not in a dirty sinful way. Just sharing love with Africa’s favourite sons, Ghana national soccer team, the Black Stars. Wow! It was fun to be fan, and just letting go of the scream; “oh my God, he is soooooo cute…!” as Andrew Ayew, Asamoah Gyan, John Mensah, Prince Boateng and the many fragile and friendly looking Black Stars stood to chat and snap a pic or two. Being too lazy to grab every boy for a pic, it was Ayew who got my attention as he stood there and posed for everyone who wanted our pic – the new mum and son. You see, the soft-spoken son of the great Abedi Pele agreed to tell his dad that he has found an new mum in Botswana. Yes, Nathan, though not so impressed that he did not get to come down with me to negotiate the deal, is all chummy and welcoming to the idea, though still doubtful.

Blessed is the nation of Ghana

HOPE FOR AFRICA: Black Stars’ bus

What is not of doubt though is that God does work for the good of those who love him. The Sunday after Ghana beat USA, I stood at our Church and asked that we stay in prayer for the Black Stars… not only because I am a soccer fan, but because in that moment of glory, I had seen God’s glory come to pass. I recalled that this is one team that was assured of the prayers of a head of state, as the President of Ghana, Professor John Atta Mills is a man after the heart of God. He is a God-fearing Christian who is not afraid to mix and worship with the masses in honour of the Great Almighty God. So, I said, “Ghana is deserving to be leading Africa into soccer battle, for it is a blessed nation, of a blessed leader.”
Even after the Boys lost in a heart-stopping manner to Uruguay last Friday, I still saw the glory of God in their rise and rise to the top.

FAN MOMENT: Pam, Lettie and a Black Star

In fact, during those screaming fan moments, Ghana Television grabbed me aside to share my thoughts and I found myself sounding more like Thabo Mbeki, assuring Ghanaians that; “Africa, Botswana, is all behind the Black Stars of Africa… for you guys are Africa’s dream.” Shoo! I felt politically mature!
Thank you Professor and the Black Stars for a moment of joy and pride. Your success, at Africa’s World Cup, has assured us a place of mention when soccer giants are spoken about.
Ghanaians, you are the blessed people. May the glory of God continue to shine through your star, and

GOOD CAUSE: Ghana players endorsing an anti-malaria campaign

spread across the African continent. And so in our united moment around the red, green and green flag, we stand United in the presence of God, flying high the Black Star flag, of Africa!
Oh! At church that Sunday, I asked that as we hold up Atta Mills in prayer, we should not forget our President, SKI Khama. For a prayer for him is a prayer for the nation, and our national pride, The Zebras. And lo and behold, Zebras did us proud, dethroning one of the kings of African soccer, Tunisia. See, God works for the good of all those who love Him.

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