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What a mess

What a mess
What a mess

*Football fans speak out on Premier League crisis

Following the last-minute postponement of Wednesday’s controversial play-off league decider between Township Rollers and Mochudi Centre Chiefs, Voice Reporter, Dubani-wa-Dubani, took to the streets of Francistown to gauge the public’s reaction to the latest debacle.

Refilwe Samora Segogotho

“This is an embarrassing situation. The best way to avoid such a scenario in the future, we should get rid of the current BFA and Premier League leadership and get more serious people into those offices.

Football is a national asset and should be protected from all those whose actions are working against its progress.”

Ishmael Kakwanda

What a mess

“We need a new body with new faces to run our football.

Club chairpersons should seriously consider this for the sake of our football.

Those running the sport at the moment are jokes who seem more concerned about their own interests than the progress of football.

The Sankoyo case from last season and the current saga are a sign that those entrusted with running our football are not fit to be there.”

Teedzani Manyake

What a mess

“The current football administration at the BFA and Premier league needs to be overhauled.

We need new people who will be fair in running the sport for the benefit of all.

At the moment it seems the office bearers do not take football seriously or have ulterior motives.

As long as we have people with club affiliation running the sport, situations such as this one will always occur because such people will be more interested in protecting their interest at the expense of football.

Our football is doomed unless things change.”

Kealeboga Mokgalo

What a mess

“The people at the BFA and the Premier League are destroying our football.

It seems there is a lot of deception involved. We need people who will run football in such a way that there will be no incidents that suggest incompetence or corruption.

We are slowly becoming the laughing stock of the football world. We need to get competent, committed football loving people into those offices”

Obakeng Makhanya

What a mess

“What is happening is painful and embarrassing to any football loving person. It seems to suggest that there is some corruption and incompetence at the BFA and Premier League.

What is happening is likely to reverse the gains made over the years and scare away potential sponsors.

The fact that beMobile has decided not to pay for the award ceremony is a sign that sponsors might not be comfortable in putting their money into football.

I think this is beMobile’s way of showing their displeasure at the situation.

I hope it knocks some sense into those running our football.”

Moremi Keboletseng.

What a mess

“This is likely to make potential sponsors think twice before putting their money into football.

The majority of football lovers are not happy at the state of affairs and this has a direct bearing on where potential and current sponsors will commit their resources to football in the future.

The supporters are the backbone of football and if they are not happy they will stay away from the stadiums and sponsors will have no reason to pour their money into football.

After all sponsors want to sell their products or services to supporters and they won’t get any mileage if supporters stay away from the grounds.

Change is needed urgently.”