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We want Ask Gase on Facebook

Ask Gase

Dear Gase,

Thank you for your STRAIGHT TALKING PROBLEM PAGE. You are changing many lives…keep it up the good work.

I personally recommend that you open a Facebook page, so that u can help many people.

You can benchmark on THEMBA SIWELE Page on Facebook; he is doing a good job.



It’s a great feeling to know that there are people out there who appreciate the community service that our column is giving…we are truly humbled… thank you very much for your kind words.

Remember though, that this column has a network of counselors, psychologists and other experts listed under ‘Where To Get Help’, who make it possible for us to assist the many Batswana who write to us…so the credit goes to them because were it not for the referrals that we make to this awesome network, this column would not be able to achieve what we have achieved over the years.

A blog and/or page on Facebook is something we have been thinking about for a while now; so, regarding your recommendation for a Facebook page, I’m happy to announce that the Ask Gase page on Facebook is now up and running and looking forward to touching many more lives than we have been doing in the past through the (printed) newspaper and website.

About benchmarking on Mr.Siwele’s page, thanks for the suggestion…we’re always open to new ideas in our quest to give the best service to our readers…but that said, as trailblazers we at The Voice; pride ourselves in our ability to be innovative and to constantly come up with fresh new ideas of our own which set us apart from the rest.

We would like the Ask Gase Facebook page to be as interactive as possible; we will post a letter on the page at the beginning of each week and invite you the readers to help us help those in distress through your comments as we do appreciate that many of our readers possess a wealth of knowledge/information, experience and skills that others can benefit from.

We will then at the end of each week post our own response to the letters as appeared in the newspaper, as well as input from the experts where required.

We are thankful for our readers’ support and look forward to many years of interacting with you on social media to reach out, inspire and transform as many lives as we possibly can. Pula!!!