We stand by our statement-BCPYL pres

Furniture promises support to women and youth

Following a hectic week of trading insults on social media over Gaborone Central candidacy by UDC youth leagues (BNF YL & BCP YL) Voice staffer Daniel Chida paid the BCPYL President, Tlhabologo Furniture a visit at his office to discuss among other issues, his road map to October general elections.

Congratulations on your new position, would you kindly share your road map with our readers?

Thanks, our road map involves sensitizing young BCP members to familiarise themselves with our party policies, they have to know our mandate and be able to articulate issues confidently whenever they have to.

The other issue is to create a robust social media platform for the youth, it will help to rebrand the youth league and make it attractive to all.

We are going to work on raising funds for all young people who will be taking part in elections.

We have more than 20 young council candidates and we want to come up with ways of raising funds for them.

We will also come up with ways of reviving structures in all regions. We want to bring back the spark that the BCP was once known for.

Was issuing of latest statements against BNF Youth League part of your social media robust initiative?

Yes it is part of it. We took a decision that we will be endorsing youth and women who are contesting or intending to contest so that they advance.

Let’s focus on the controversial one you issued about Dr Pheko for Gaborone Central; do you still maintain that it was your position despite the backlash it got from your contracting partners, the BNF?

Yes it is our position and we will be endorsing not only her but also all women and youth running for office.

We did nothing wrong because she is a woman with capabilities. That is the reason the party has not called us to order.

What is happening now is just differences by youths. We are an organ of the party and we were voicing our own opinion.

We have to show the party the direction that we want taken but if they don’t want, we let it be.

We just hope that they will do the right thing.

What do you mean?

If we are to re-allocate BMD constituencies between BCP and BNF fairly, we have to consider women first to meet the 30 % quota, we are pleading with the mother body to consider that.

Why do you always seem to be attacking the UDC leadership?

There is a fake BCPYL page on social media and we want to distance ourselves from it.

We have reported it to relevant authorities such as police and party leadership to take action because it is already causing divisions within the umbrella.

The person uses names of our officials and it causes confusion.

It is unfortunate to have comrades attacking each other. We do appeal for peace from both BCP and BNF.

Are you going to continue with your statements?

We don’t have a problem with the BNF and yes we will continue issuing statements as and when the need arises.

We will sort out our issues if there are any.

BCPYL has been quite, why now?

We are not fighting with anyone; we only differ with them constructively.

I know that there are some reports that we have had enough of injustice and now coming out to fight for our president no that is not the case; we were simply voicing our opinion.

People should differentiate between BCPYL and the mother body. We are independent.

A few weeks in office you are already making news, why?

This is an election year and that is the main challenge since a lot is going to happen.

We have to up our game. We will be addressing rallies and inviting all who want to attend, everyone is welcome.

We have strong candidates that we need to sell to the electorates. We don’t have any intention of moving away from the coalition.

If we work together then we will take government.

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