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NEW BROOM: Segokgo

Triumphant Segokgo talks Tlokweng revival

After walloping his opponents in a landslide Tlokweng by-election victory last weekend, Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) new legislator, Kenneth Masego Segokgo, does not need much introduction.

Until last weekend, his constituency- Tlokweng, did not have a representative following the death of MP Same Bathobakae over five months ago, but after humiliating Botswana Democratic Party’s Elijah Katse with a 2 479 margin, the flamboyant Segokgo vowed to live up to the promises he made to the electorate during his campaign.

This week The Voice Staffer, Daniel Chida, spoke to the former teacher about his ambitious plan and political future.

Q. Congratulations on your victory Sir, how are you feeling?

I haven’t had enough rest for a couple of days because of the campaigns and celebrations and now it is time to deliver what I promised the people during my campaign.

Q. As someone new to politics, were you not intimidated by your more experienced opponents?

The support that I got from the UDC made me not to be shaken by Katse at any day.

Although he went around talking about helping with preparations for Kgosi Puso Gaborone’s wedding I kept calm.

I know his record from football to politics which caused rifts in Tlokweng but during the campaigns I didn’t even feel him.

With Shirley Segokgo, I could tell she was more favoured by the BDP and that she would imminently return to her party after winning while Katse was the least favoured. But they both did their best.

Q.Who was funding your campaign?

I was funded by the UDC masses and for me to be part of the Umbrella played a big part.

You will also note that the Botswana Congress Party also joined the Umbrella during the campaign and it boosted my confidence and campaign.

We didn’t have the resources like the BDP but our foot soldiers doubled up their work rate.

Q. What are your priorities for the short period that you will be in office before the General elections?

You have to know that we lost our former MP, Bathobakae, because she was alone in the house without anyone to assist her, so I will be introducing a Distress Signal Application which can be used by those under health attack to alert others.

We will come up with a system called, “Batho Ba Kae,’ in her honour.

Apart from that I will also try to unite the Batlokwa tribe, in other places people have an event that unites them but here you find the place deserted.

Q. Kindly explain further.

We have land issues and Batlokwa want a solution to that.

Currently I am getting relevant documentation and details from elders and the community so that I can be more informed, after that then I will be in a better position to tackle the issue.

It is important to get the necessary information first.

Q. Does this include Ruretse?

I think every issue has to be holistic and if I need a solution to the land issue then I will have to look at everything including Ruretse and Brink’s land.

We will know what is needed to be done without necessarily repossessing the land because I think there were some procedures that they followed before getting such land. ‘Sedibeng goiwa ka tsela’.

I hear there are more than 50 000 people in the waiting list and in this case we need to prioritise.

This can be done according to age, or those who applied first.

I am not going to insist on what I want to be done about this allocation because there is the Land Board which is looking over our land.

There is pressure now for unemployed youth who were allocated land because now the system wants to take land from those who fail to develop within five years.

It is such things that force our youth to sell their land.

Q. You mentioned unemployment, how are you going to address it?

Our education system has failed to set Batswana priorities well.

It is for white collar jobs only. We have to structure it well to include the blue collar jobs.

Everyone has their own strength and if we come up with a more inclusive education system then the unemployment rate will go down.

Q. Another major concern in your constituency is the poor water drainage, what solution do you have for that?

My councillors are already working on that, the project is ongoing at Masetlheng going to Sefoke ward but we have to bring in some experts.

We have to come with a plan on how we can harvest storm water.

We are also working on flood lights, the project is underway in Ramotswa and after that it will be set up in Tlokweng.

Q. What is your message to the people of Tlokweng?

I promise that I will not disappoint Batlokwa and a lot of things will change in 2019 when we take over governance.

We want to come up with a government that will be trusted by its people.

We will not make empty promises but deliver on our promises.

We want Batswana to benefit from the country’s resources.

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