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We didn’t kill her

We didn't kill her
REGRETTING: Ngule Budani

*Epileptic woman, 26, dies for P70

*Security guards book her for sex through Facebook

What was to be a night of adventure turned into horror as a woman booked for a double sexual escapade by two security guards died of epilespy at their rented home in Tlokweng.

Determined to overcome their shame, Ngule Budani, 27, and his housemate Matthews Mhlanga, 28, this week moved to clear public blame against them as they told of how what was supposed to be an adventurous night of casual sex, ended tragically when their date suffered an epileptic fit and died on Friday afternoon.

Budani who goes by the name ‘Skazzo wa Bana BW’ on Facebook told of how his friendship with the 26-year old Doreen Morwesi Ntiko, known also as ‘Bev Walter’ on the social network, led to an arranged sex date which he told Mhlanga about.

Ntiko, an apparent victim of the rising unemployment situation had become vulnerable and her numerous Facebook posts suggest she had ostensibly fallen on the dark side of the illicit sex trade, sometimes offering sexual services for P50, just to make ends meet.

On August 25th, just two days before her untimely death she had posted on the infamous ‘Ba ba ratang kuku.com’ offering casual sex for P70.

Budani said the whole drama started after he invited Ntiko, whom he had known through a closed Facebook group called ‘Love me but don’t hurt me’, to his place for sex.

We didn't kill her
SHOCKED: Matthews Mhlanga

“I had never met her before but she sounded very seductive and I was so excited when she agreed to the invitation. I agreed to pick her at the Gaborone bus rank at 6pm on Thursday and we went home,” he said.

Budani who denied ever having sex with the woman said upon arrival at his house they watched television until they went to bed at around 11pm.

“We were both half naked and we cuddled until we fell asleep. After a few hours she started making disturbing movements and when I woke up I noticed that she was incessantly biting at the pillow and rolling her eyes. I was so terrified and I jumped off the bed and poured a bucket full of water on her and that was when the seizure stopped and she came back to her senses,” he said.

After spending the rest of the night on the wet blankets, Budani who denied allegations that they habitually used the rented room for sexual activities, said he left the woman to go and find some money for her.

“I left early in the morning to get the lady some transport money so that she could go back to Molepolole. My room-mate Mlhanga returned from work that morning and he joined her while I was still away,”he said.

The whole afternoon, Budani did not return home and Ntiko stayed home with Mhlanga.

For his part, Mhlanga who also denied having sex with Ntiko, said after a while the woman experieced seizures and started biting the pillows again.

He said he helplessly stood by her side until she died due to the attack.

The nervous Mhlanga said people unfairly blamed him on social media as they accuse him of killing Ntiko.

We didn't kill her
FACEBOOK POST: Ntiko’s post with her Bev Walter account

“She collapsed and died due to a fit, even the family confessed in front of police officers that she was epileptic,” he said and added that upon realising that the deceased was not breathing, he called other tenants, who advised him to report the incident to the police.

However, if the last post by Ntiko is anything to go by, she died a hungry, bitter person as she posted on Facebook that she went to Tlokweng all the way from Molepolole only to be later abandoned by her client.

“I came all way mo Tlokweng ke latela motho, now he is gone, o ntlogetse mo ntlong, I am hungry and there is nothing to eat and the worst part is ga kena le fa e le thebe wa combi, please help,” she wrote.

( I came all the way to Tlokweng for this person, now he is gone leaving me in the house. I am hungry and there is nothing to eat and the worst part is that I don’t have money for transport, please help)

Tlokweng Police Station Commander, Superintendent Robson Maleka, confirmed the incident but said investigations into the matter was still underway.

He also confirmed that they managed to reach the deceased’s family through her cellphone.

“The deceased aunt told us about deceased medical history and that she was epileptic,” said Maleka.