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Festive Season is upon us again. As we prepare to spend time celebrating the end of the year with our friends and loved ones we need to be more aware than ever. As we collect bonuses for a year of hard work and shop for gifts – the criminals are trying to collect their bonuses and shop too.
As is always the case at this time of year the crime problem gets incredibly worse.  It is now more important than ever that you are constantly aware and being as careful as possible.  This is a sad fact. We should be able to be care free with our loved ones, relax, laugh, and joke as we celebrate another year. The reality is that we cannot – not for now. Not until something drastic is done.

The last few weeks have proved this more than ever. There does seem to be an increased police presence – however it is at the Kombi stops on the by-pass and on the road to Phakalane collecting speeding fines. They are out nearly every morning – perhaps they are collecting their Christmas bonuses too – extracting them from you.
Where we have not seen the police is patrolling the streets at night or the car parks of local shopping plazas, which are always a high crime area during this time of year.  The car park at Kgale Spar has been hard hit. When called to assist an officer said that they had had 5 or 6 robberies there over the last two days…and yet not an officer in sight.

It is has confirmed that there are 3 to 4 men in a Black Nissan March with the tag B244 ANA driving around the city attacking people. Among other reports, they stuck in block 7 and last week attacking two women at the Grand Palm robots in the middle of the afternoon.  Yet the cops have said there is little they can do.
If that is not a final confirmation that we are on our own I do not what is. We as a community must watch out for each other and help each other in these times.  A happy and safe Festive Season from all of us here at Fight Crime Gaborone – please be mindful and help each other out.