They wanted to harvest my body parts
SHAKEN: Ontlametse Ketshogile

Student claims narrow escape from muti killers

A short trip to the supermarket turned into a nightmare for a former Seepapitso student who narrowly escaped death at the hands of kidnappers.

Traumatised, 20- year -old Ontlametse Ketshogile, of Kanye village told of her narrow escape after she was brought down from the tallest tree in the yard in the early morning hours of Wednesday morning.

Her terrified screams woke up neigbours who rescued her at 2am.

With blood oozing from her injuries, Ketshogile spoke of how she was kidnapped by two strangers that had previously tricked her into hanging out with them at the local bars.

“On my way from the supermarket at around 18 00hrs two men approached me and offered to buy me drinks. When I told them I didn’t drink alcohol they bought me a soft drink, but just when I was just about to relax and enjoy my drink, one of them shoved me into their car and the other sped off,” said the visibly shaken young woman.

The car, she claimed drove into the bush, until it reached a house in which she was carried into.

Inside the house, Ketshogile claims she was locked into a room but she could hear a bunch of people in the living room arguing over which parts of her body to share.

They wanted to harvest my body parts
SCARRED: Ketshogile

“ I heard one saying the intestines were his while another wanted the private parts,” she said

Asked how she managed to escape, the terrified young woman claimed that the moment she was taken outside and untied, she bolted and ran like a hunted animal.

“ I ran so hard in the bushes until I reached home and climbed the tree and started screaming for help.”

At the police office where her family took her to lay a report, Ketshogile was referred to a psychiatric following her claims that her kidnappers were police officers. She was pronounced normal after a sanity test.

The young woman’s mother, 62-year-old Koketso Ketshabile said she was afraid that her daughter’s kidnappers might return.

“ We live in fear and police are not helpful. Instead they say my daughter must be a satanist because only a satanist could climb such a tall tree to the very top without a ladder.”

Meanwhile a form 5 Seepapitso student who went missing last year, just before BGCSE final exams has still not been found.

Superintendent Mogomotsi Mogale of Kanye police confirmed the incident, but declined to divulge details.

“ Investigations are still at the initial stages,” he said

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