Shock and panic gripped organisers last weekend when elderly people ignored the handing over ceremony of a health post structure built by Tati-East MP Samson Guma Moyo at Sekukwe settlement.
The settlement is part of Matshelagabedi, a village in the constituency of the Botswana Democratic Party MP who is now one of the leading figures in the breakaway party, Botswana Movement of Democracy.
Apart from local youngsters who came for a football tournament that was part of the event, very few elderly people showed up to accept the donation and also celebrate their MP’s spirit of giving to Sekukwe residents. While it is common knowledge that Batswana, especial in rural areas, would flock at functions where food is given for free, this time around, the villagers neither moved nor caused to salivate after the mentioning of two beasts and goats slaughtered for the handing ceremony.
To add salt to injury, only two councillors from Moyo’s constituency attended the event. This despite the fact that the event was well publicised, with vehicles mounting speakers having had, the night before, taken to the whole settlement and Matshelagabedi to tell all and sundry what was in store.
It is not clear yet as to what could have caused the low turnout at the ceremony, but sources have indicated that residents feel betrayed and now have a bone to chew with their MP for defecting to BMD without consulting them.
Tati-East was historically the heartland of the slowly dying Botswana Peoples Party, but had fallen to the ruling party in the past four elections.

THE GIFT: New clinic

Now, speculation is that Moyo would have to work hard to calm down the seemingly heated spirits of his followers in Matshelagabedi on his quest to lure them to his new political party. “People are just confused and angry at the MP. He still owes the villagers an apology for their chief’s name which was dragged in mud during and after the last year’s general elections,” said a villager. The village elders noted that Moyo blundered when he “insulted” the village chief Oganne Fox, allegedly branding him deadwood who was interfering on political issues.
Moyo played down the no-show, saying managed to take the kick the donation was meant to support the government in the quest to reach the nation’s vision 2016.
“This is a voluntary job meant to assist the government. Health is one of the pillars of the country’s vision and it is up to those who could afford to assist where possible,” Moyo said promising that people should expect more help in the area.
Guest speaker Thandi Morupisi from Tati-Nickel mine thanked Moyo’s humble gesture and pointed that people who have means should follow suit. She said Matshelagabedi residents, especial those residing in Sekukwe, should count themselves lucky to have been chosen to benefit from their MP’s donation.
“It’s my first to officiate a project financed by an individual and it is very encouraging to learn that Moyo spent P40 000 to construct the whole structure,” Morupisi said.
She noted that the construction of the health post was a clear indication that the MP had good working relations with the villagers.
Also present at the event was the Chairman of North East District Council (NEDC) and medical officers from Matshelagabedi villages including the village chief Oganne Polson Fox.


  1. i think the problem is moyo moved from BDP and you know elders like theparty to bits and they felt betrayed

  2. Ka na nna ke sale ka bua kare BMD is in for a high jump come 2014.Re rata Domi mo go maswe Ian or no Ian, Batswana ba swa le Domi and if you don’t know that you will be shocked.Ntuane you are next!

  3. Eish nna ke lapile ka Domi 43 years n re tshela so! aye nyaya cum 2014 I’m votin BMD 4 change!! with all due respect bagolo ga ba tlhaloganye gore this country needs 2 b run diffrntly now ba tlhopa hela gore semangmang yo re mo itseng o kae!

  4. Good going MP. I note with interest that you are one of those few MPs who donate generously to your constituency. How many MPs in this country who have more than 50% of their salary going towards his/her constituents?, Moyo is and has always been, this is why he can stand up proudly and say, he is not in it for money. People shouldn’t confuse this with BDP/BMD, batswana need to be mature to realise this difference. Big up mokgwaneng.

  5. Dipolotiki tlhe tsona ke mathata? Nna legale gakena mathata, as long as phathi eetsenang e thusa ka dicharge tsa mapodisi tsedi senang tlhaloganyo. I’d be happy.

  6. There is no point to panic. The elders only grew up knowing that there is only one party which is Seretse’s party. Moyo should take his time and personally go house to house and sweet talk the elders and let them know the reality behind our politics ever since Khama came in to the picture. Batho ba modimo ga ba itse sepe and they are only fed the propaganda we see on BTv.

    There is still a lot of work to be done by BMD on elders because they are very resistant to change. We already have the youth on our side but we should as the youth try our best to talk to our parents and show them that Khama is leading this country to the wrong direction. Bagolo ba rona kana bone ba bona ba phakisiwa tandabala le dipeo fela ba bo ba re Khama ke modimo. They do not know anything about the economy and the modern day dynamic democracy. So lets do our job and try our best to win hearts and minds of the elders. Shaappaaa BMD shaaapaaa!!!

  7. Scandy,BMD is full of spoiled brats,rotten peolple like you who call President MODIMO, where on earth have u seen modimo, Guma yoo wa gago betrayed bagolo and o tla ikothaele 40 sheleng yoo wa gagwe.A wena o ka itumela o thopile BDP ebe o utwa gotwe o thopile BNF.One a thophilwe ka dipalo tse di kwa godimo come 2014 guma o thophiwa ka dipalo tse di ko ta se coz BDP is gonna take its constituency again ok.Bagolo ba ba ba sa rogeng Mogolo Ian khama ba tla mothopha Diganana tse di sa tsalegang di ta thopha DMB yoo wa lona.Ga se mo states mo,ga re diphologolo we need law.

  8. we all know that the elders are in rural areas are conservative and the not accept any change…they believe the past is better than the present and the future hence they stick to the past….”While it is common knowledge that Batswana, especial in rural areas, would flock at functions where food is given for free,” This statement is dialectical to their belief though…why do elders flock for free food?

  9. Lebo, why are you taking it too personal…?why dont you defend your position well without attackin and callin all sorts of names…Can you answer this one for me? Why do the people in rural areas flock for free food?
    We have the right to critic and question and express disatisfaction because we are the tax payers….For 43 years..Batswana are living in poverty and guess what…THEY ARE TRYING TO FIND THE DEFINITION OF POVERTY…instead of shifting or upraising the markers..thats pathetic..

  10. Bandits Movement against Democracy (BMD) are still to be woken up from their sleep, the slumber of wrong and misguided assumptions! Batswana want leaders, not opportunists clucthing on straws as an attempt to fullfill their power hunger! People also can see real leaders when they see them, not these lot, who lack humility and basic metaphysical dexterity! When and where there are problems, you don’t pretend they can be solved by breaking the party and act innocent as if you are not the problem itself, nor do you act like an idiot forgeting that people are wacthing and they know the truth, not the crap you want them to believe! These guys have no manners and they will learn that Batswana are not going to be taken for a ride! Scandy, you don’t sweet-talk people into your party! You win them over with irrestible,solid and transformational policies that are better than those of your rivals! Batswana want a change for the better based on good reason, not because a bunch of, I quote, ‘spoiled brats’, who offer nothing of the sort, want to fool them! Offer something better than BDP and you will get the backing of the people! Till then, forget it! Our country is more important than this and I’m glad there are many people who realise that!

  11. Ba tsoga kamoso ba re ba isiwe sepateleng sa Guma ba bolawa ke di High Blood tse tsa bone. mxem, ba lese baswe ba kgora!

  12. Subsquently with time the bmd message will reach the people who understand the effect of political decisions on every day life.ba basadibagolo dont understand politics in fact i bet they think politics is motshelo or seswaete.one last thing as chris m says people can see a leader when they see one.and i can see that modimo waga chrism iyene is not a good leader.

  13. there is nothing to worry about, if the future (youth) was present at the handing over ceremony, it is easier to deal with the soon-to-be-past. the future is bright, BMD is the future. well done Guma, dont be stopped by history, the past does not define the future.

  14. Don wary mr Moyo,bagolo gaba tlhaloganye w ned change.You r one of them big guyz in Bots who ……..

  15. Thanx Chris u told them.Basadi bagolo a baye cliniking akere ebile its built in their village.And if they dnt want to see our parents there they can change that clinic to BMD office and our parents will never get closer to it. Mr Guma thanx for clinic but never think its gona give you 6000 people you ar looking for.Beaware that People ar starting to realise that you guys are feeding them with wrong information.

  16. 77 which country can you stand up and tell the world that it does not hav povery especially in our continent.Guys stop hiding ur faces with fingers we do stii se ur faces.Apart from Kgama being Modimo DMD ya go dira eng thats people should be fed with.VIVA KGAMA VIVA

  17. 77 which country can you stand up and tell the world that it does not hav povery especially in our continent.Guys stop hiding ur faces with fingers we do stil se ur faces.Apart from Kgama being Modimo DMD ya go dira eng thats what people should be fed with.VIVA KGAMA VIVA

  18. Partisan politics has clouded what should have been a noble gesture and i do not understand where this comes from because Guma has always donated to his constituents even during his BDP days. Government need intervention of all of us and he said it, did he ever mention BMD/BDP. I had expected most to applaud this and encourage those with means to follow. This is the same rubbish that was pilled on Masitara. My guess is most people commenting here are well off, live in the city with medical aid and know nothing about poverty. Why do you hate villagers so much that you want to deny them such basic needs. Why do you confuse this with buying votes and even if he is, don’t you trust these people have brains enough to decide for themselves. Ee bagaetsho let us rise beyond this petty politicking.

  19. Osca..the problem is you tend to think that BDP is a Revolutionary Movement than a political party which must subscribe and promote democracy…thats very naive to ask me which country does not have poverty…are saying its ok to be in poverty because other African countries are marred with poverty…On one of the BTV programs last week Masisi said they are going to define poverty and try to understand what poverty is…i m sayin after 43 years, only now they need to define it and set and cut off point? thats ludacrous…and you seem like you are one of those who have learnt to recite the praise songs about Khama whithout knowing the meaning of the metarphors used.. and to you Khama is what Jesus is to Christians. Botswana is being hailed as one of the countries in Africa wiht a steady economy yet its citizens live well below poverty line..

  20. Well Osca Onks…With a population of nearly two million and gross domestic product of $26-billion in 2008, efforts to boost infrastructure and jobs have been slow and 47% of the population lives on one dollar a day.

    Unemployment is high at about 24% and the country has one of the world’s biggest gaps between rich and poor.

  21. 77, look, there is not a single government that has been able to transform their people’s lives itself! Not even in the West! Read Richard Branson’s books to really learn! It’s the entrepreneurs that destroyed poverty in the West and generated real and lasting wealth,lifting lifting standards in the process! We, Batswana, have opportunities that are hardly seen anywhere else in the world but we fail to use them! These have been here ever since some of us were born and have heard of stories of people furnishing their houuses with funds they got for bogus businesses or bought cars and impressed their friends and neighbours! Batswana then get shocked when people from outside Botswana get into Botswana, use the same opportunities and become millionaires while Batswana are still complaining! CEDA with LEA are meant to help unskilled Batswana achieve and monitor them during that time! Literally taking them by the hand through early stages of business setting up and development! Batswana also do not believe that they have to spend money to make money, employing experts to help their businesses succeed! Batswana have a lot there for them, and it is needed to make the entrepreneurs like those that have transformed the West! On average 60% of the workforce is in private sector with 40% in the government in the West! Government has never and cannot do it all mate! They help provide the platform for people to do so and push to educate their people! Look at what the BDP government has and is doing, and be honest! If they were or are useless, would Botswana be where we are where every honest and objective person can see the success of our country? Come on now! What exactly are these other people offering that is better than what BDP working with Batswana has achieved so far? These people don’t even understand what Batswana need as shown during those pathetic political debates! How can they then solve anyone’s problems when they are clueless about them? Do you really know what the gvernment is doing at the moment! Man, the flurry of activity in every area is brilliant and will make a seismic shift in our country! Go and read and learn!

  22. @ Chris M .. o mongwe wa Batswana baba botlhale ba keba itsing ntata…!! janong ka lemoga gore Batswana gona leba sa tshwanebg di-supportara tsaga sarah palin.. nna oba rute

  23. People should give to caesar what belongs to caesar.Moyo deserves praise and appreciation for what he is doing as long as its helpful to the community.Beside democracy means freedom to choice.People should not be snobbed because they left an old party.keep the flame burning Moyo.I give you my support from Uk.

  24. A government has to be judged on results and this government is not delivering much really especially since the turn of the century we have experienced skyrocketing unemployment at 22 percent which is not cosistent with a middle income country franky the bdp has not exploited the opportunities of a stable middle income country.with a further 17 percent of the population under employed on rediculous schemes like ipelegeng and uneployment increasing ever scince khama came into power things are really not looking good for us and who is to blame for this? THE BDP GOVERNMENT.
    According to chrism the government has programs like ceda and lea to to drive enterpreneurship well its the government’s job to do this its part of the administration’s policy and the result of this policy are ment to help us the voter decide, to your testament this programs has failed to mobilise batswana into business then why do we need to vote for a party that its core policy on increasing smmes has failed?why do we need to vote for a party that has sunk us into billions of debt with little result?
    A party that has cut educational spending in favour of military expenditure.if our government doenst care much about our children and gives them cheap uncompetitive education then why do we need this government?
    This country is not succesful it certainly is not resourceful its wealth is based on natural resources hardly anything i can brag about on the side why do they bdp talk diversification of the economy but they have failed

  25. @Vizz Kgalema
    tsamaela koo le MDP wa gago, sis! nxa the ruling party changes things, our leader wants delivery if u dont deliver ur dismissed, batho ba ga ba bolo go ja madi ba sa dire sepe, fokof i will never support them. E bile ba re sutele mo ditirong kante bone ga ba retire?

  26. Lona ba le betrayang to BMD kana gatweng…u have no part in the development of the country ur just corrupt, le sia eng? borukuthi bo teng ha and sale tautona a tsaya puso o le somola se 1 by 1 ke rata jang…a a tswe magodu a. borrarona ba duela ditax lona le ja fela. The government is delivering u MORONS, u dnt expect tautona go tsena mo pusong in 1 year abo sengwe le sengwe se diregile, rre yo o fithela go dubakantswe, he is still fixing shit so didimalang fela banna ga le bue sepe.

  27. Bandits Movement against Democracy (BMD)is just a party for young and irresponsible drunkards who think that being drunk and disorderly is a civil liberty.Its so called leaders are naive.Botswana ga se kwa ga Mmma Pereko.

  28. Bona ha wena 77, if you think ha o re people are taking it personal will make me, Lebo, Chris M, Osca Onks etc ashamed of what we believe in then you are wrong. I am definitely taking it personal. Gape why do you inflate kgang ya gore people in rural areas like to flock for free food? People will flock to where there is free food whether ke rural, urban or whereever: kana ga o itse? Ebile ke bona gore ha e le free bojwala gone e ka nna wena wa ntha. Gape le rata go nna le ntse le re banana banana, most of you are just around 20 and yet lo claima gore le itse gore Domi e ne e busa jang 4 the past 43 years. You have only known politics, or should I say polotics, for 3 or so years. Just leave banana le bone ba akole Domi jaaka bone bo makgorwane bao. Ka thagolela leokana…….

  29. fa o utlwa ngwana a le kana kawena e bile a bolela bonana jwa gagwe katsela e keutlwang e tlhalosega,kebe keutlwa kakgelo ya gago kafa o buang kateng ka kabasadibagolo kepotsa gore a go bua ngwana yoo tlhaloganyang ditso le setho sarona rele batswana. kafa la lela lare legateletswe mme ntlheng enngwe le phuthologile tlhapaola jaaka lebatla, motho a ipotse gore freedom elo lelang kayone gatwe lebatla efe. Rre Guma lefa gotwe omadi mantsi kareutlwa kamagatwe keipotsa gore a stamina sa 4yrs otla tshegeletsa kagontsha mokgetsing morago ga clinic gobatlega sekolo,ditsela,metsi letse dingwe bua legoromente yo omongadileng rra through parliament n council ga o kake wa kgona madi a mantsi a bolelwang ao ka baitse maswe a lekane ba lapa la gago.

  30. Dnt mention poverty because us Batswana are too lazy or its just that we want to be spoon-fed. There are some schemes in Botswana like the ones Chris just mentioned and The Youth Grant Fund you can wonder why Batswana can keep on complaining of poverty while they are given such opportunities to help themselves have better living. The government is providing but they are not puting what is brought to them into action. Some dnt even want yo work in contruction companies but when our couzins from the neighbouring country take the jobs they start complaining of lack of employment. TOTA BATSWANA RE BATLANG..The BDP’s are making an effort ke gore fela Batswana we never appreciate&like running for new things before you can even know what difference is gonna be made by that&start pointing fingures to the long term existing stuff and even beginning to see how bad it is.

  31. Chris M…I dont get how you come to tag Botswana as an African successful stories. The programs you are talking about have not achieved their goals because Batswana dont have the necessary entrepreneural skills to sustain their businesses…
    Look at the stats..its pathetic that we can be hailed as a successful stories.
    Chris, to be where we are its inevitable because of the 43 years but i think we should have done better than this…and its their mandate to deliver…The truth of the mattter is most of Batswana are living in poverty whether employed or not..the education is pathetic. Its not about loyalty or reading the books that you are talkin about, its about the current practical situation. Comin with all kind of theories is not a solution until turned into praxis…As for D.G.K i m not goin to stoop my self that low to debate with you..i dont even understand what you are sayin..you are probable a product of bankin education system that is used in the country..

  32. Ga re tle go akediwa ke the so called ma BMD…. a bare bolelele gore bone ba jele eng ko BDP se Ian gompieno a ganang ka sone. Moyo o reka ditlhopho a tswele koo. B ajele kgano ba mo laetse cum 2014 o feta ka tse ditsididi morwa kgama. and this guys should tell us gore bone ba ya go tsaya kae madi a lehuma ko BDP e sa a boneng teng.

  33. still cant understand how a well mannered person can jus say, duma o reka ditlhopha, even if a dira so better, all we need is the good side of the projects, gompieno jaana this villagers coz i bet most of them ga ba na cars,tsa go ya tropong for clinics, ga ba lwala ba ya go ya teng ko go umo’s clinic, i bet the wont boycot it, atleast ene o reka dithopho ka his own own cash, bangwe ba reka dithopho ka madi a rona, rona di tax payers mme ga le bui sepe. kgosi Fox ke kopela Gumo maitshwarelo, Gumo le wena le sa go roga kgosi, fa o na le mathat, bua le kgosi, kgosi a ngwana a robalelwe ke dithokwa… .viva bmd viva.. bdp e paletswe, botsang Masisisi, ke go ne a reng o bata poverty definiton… nna ga ke na mathata le khama, mathata ke the way a dirang dilo kateng… kante mme gone ke eng a sa re cheke mo ditoropong ra mo gotsetsa molelelo mo di fire place, le rone re utwe go re a reng, a lese go ya kwa magaeng fela…….. ask yourself why

  34. Eitah Ola

    Go a hakgamatsa gore batho ba DMB kana gatwe BMD ba bo ba ganetsa gore mananeo a go leka go ntsha batswana mo lehumeng a teng. Legale kana motho ha a lebile mme a sa batle go bona ga a kgone go bona, mme e bile segolo thata a le setatalala. Ee go nna motho wa kganetso gone go ntse jalo; kana le ha o bona yo o busang a tla a gatelela kgomo o le motho wa kganetso ko o teng o tshwanetse o ganetse ka wena o bona a gatelela sengwe hela. Motho wa kganetso o kgona go bitsa kgomo e e bonwang ke mongwe le mongwe a re pudi, ha batho ba bona pitse ene ka ke wa kganetso o bona katse. Yah e ntse jalo kganetso; o ganetsa mo o kgonang go ganetsa le lone leina la gago tota. Madomkrag a re ba bitseng ka maina a bone ba tle ba a itatole ba ije setshego.

  35. Vivi Ian Khama ba bo Guma ba itapisa fela itse gore that is a sign ya gore di go jele gale ditlhopho bru go ba o ba a gela di clinic yes thoso ba tla ya go e kopa at guma’s clinic nd ba tla bona pholo o dirile sentle le fa o ne o re o reka talama, ke monana mme a go foR our big party ya rona le bana ba bana ba rona a e jeke domi. Domi wee……………cum 2014

  36. Nnyaa nna ke na le mathata le di bo sweetnyana jwa ga Guma gompieno. Why didn’t he donate the clinic in the past years after he won the elections. BMD e ya bone ga re itse. le hohe sente le yone e sere go rakalala ga yone ko go dimo ya le ruthaganya habatshe.

    this is just bribe, bagolo ga ba dirwe jalo.

    Wena Scandy ga re bue sepe le batsadi ba rona, party ke DOMI hela.

    Ian kgoba kgetsi you are not going anywhere. That is your seat my dear president.

  37. atleast now you know how people feel about this whole BMD thing and obviously will come up with a way of explaining it to them (that is if that was the case) so don worry Mr Moyo. ga o buduloge hela a bo o hitlhela sengwe le sengwe se changile, everything changes with time and its a good thing that your people ga ba tlhaloganye so that you can meet and explain this to them, better chance to campaign…i suggest house to house first.

  38. So 77, you think you are at some high platform from which you can not stoop low to debate with me? So how are you going to influence the lowly like myself to join your party if you are that high? That is exactly the problem with you guys. You have too much pride that you just can not swallow. I can deduce that you are finding my lowliness in that I am a self-confessed Morata-Khama. If you chose not to know what I am saying, then you will not.

  39. Kgang ya batho ke go ya go thiba diphatlha mo dikomiting; maemo tlhe a a ratiwa ha e le go ja gone go le ko pele. Kana o tla a bo o tsewa hela gotwe re kopa gore o eme. Motho yo o tla a bonang lefatshe le buswa ke baopedi.

  40. Congrats Mr Moyo, i dont knw why these people ba re o reka dithopho coz u did that before o le ko bdp but they didnt say a thing. Its high time change comes to bots, we have experienced enough of bdp but now we want something new for a change. Guys like chrism can see that there is a problem its just that they dont to accept it so that they can bring in change. Myself i welcome BMD and hope it brings change to bots politics

  41. We have been drinking the red medicine for 43years and its enough, now we need something to heal us

  42. If you have betrayed your best friend you have to apologise b4 you give him/her a gift. And its their choice to see if you are worth their loyalty anymore.
    So all BMD members who had been elected by the population into power will have that music to face. No one will ever trust them because they fail the dialogue they claim that Khama failed to allow them.
    Now we too are against them because they FAILED us who elected them.

  43. The response from the villagers reflect (if ever it was) the long term effects of poverty on peple. this result has been found in other countries. Its similar to the Kgama dixy dance he did in old naledi only to loose his poeple. Like destitues who receive rations and sell them for alochol without appreciating, like the vandalising of public telephone lines. it is rooted i behavioral economics. Lets challnege ourselves beyond superfical analysis.

  44. Lefatshe ka bophara lona le kile la bona kae batho ba kganetso ba bona ditlhabololo; tiro ya motho wa kganetso ke go nyatsa yo o pusong. Ha o sa nyatse yo o busang o tla a tsaya efe puso, ha yo o busang a re 1 ene o tshwanetse a re 8. Tota bo rangwane ba dirisa tshwanelo ya bone (democratic right) ya go ganetsa. Kana go monate go nna motho wa kganetso; wena ga o akanye thata ka matshelo a batho, o ganetsa hela se se buiwang le gone go latola se se bonwang ke botlhe le gone go godisa dipalopalo.

  45. Owaii, what change? Ga ke dumele mo just the word change ke sa itse gore ke change e e nkisang kae. Ma BMD ba a claima but they do not even know the manifesto wa phati ya bone. All the know is the word CHANGE. Ian has brought change!!

  46. Molato wa ga Ian Khama e nnile go oketsa price ya nno-tagi le go fokotsa nako ya go bula ga marekisetso a bojalwa,go lwantsha dead-woodness mo tirong,especially public servants(Le ne le tlhola le lela ka poor service delivery) go gana go okeletsa badirela puso dituelo -to name a few.
    Domkrag e sale e paletswe ke dilo dingwe go tswa fela kwa go bo Rre Quett Masire-lehuma,corruption,nepotism di ne di le teng.Potso e ke tla e botsang ke gore;
    I biliv Sid Pilane o ne o ntse o le teng,o ntse o didimaletseng?Things were happening right under your noses,what blinded so much 4 this long?Ke dumela gore o ne o ntse o na le thutego tse o nang natso mo nakong ya gompieno.
    Ke tsaya gore Pres.Khama o very UN4TUN8 go tsaya puso mo nakong ya gompieno jaanong he’s taking the blame ya dilo tse di saleng di diragetseng b4 his tenure in de 1st office.

  47. Mr Moyo I really commend you for what you have done for the community of Sekukwe and hope it was done in good faith. The low attendance for the opening ceremony should not discourage you. It’s unlucky for you that the community of Sekukwe doesn’t appreciate this because of your political alliance. I would advice you to go back to the people who voted you and explain you move to BMD, remember most people are scared of change and the best will be for you to sell yourself again to them. Batswana re rata morero Rre Moyo, you don’t just jump the ship and expect us to follow.

  48. Kante, this mobile clinic was it built after March 21st? Then it was quick and the villagers are fast-paced.If it was built before this date – or anytime earlier -then why are we even talking? The rule of temporal ordering applies. Something that will happen tomorrow cannot lead to what happened today. Lets get our facts right before lambasting Moyo. Is this his first gesture on responding to village needs? If yes, then you may hypothesize using the rule of reciprocity, that he expects to be voted into power (and you may be proven wrong), …but if he has done it before, then this vote-pleasing argument falls off. When Khama carries truckloads of consumables to people, is this an attempt to get voters? Lets learn to appreciate good intentions irrespective of who the funder or the beneficary is.

  49. Owai! Motswaledi Ronaldinho Gomolomo o ka nna president ya ga mang? You want to pay your debts my friend? Go tla pala ntsalaka. We voted for you in kanye because re ne re rata leina Barata phathi. We didnt know that it is a faction of criminals. Ga re a tsamaya le lona guys. Dont lie to yourself.

  50. 2K, you should never lose sleep over my opinions! That’s a good start! We are all free to reflect, think and opine! For you to blame President Khama for the effects of the world economic recession is ludicrous! Think man! For you to think I have lost touch with how life is at home is utter nonsense as i go home regularly and you know what, I will surprise you! Watch this space!

    I’m tired of hypocrites and dishonest people about what citizens have available to them, nor do i have time for those who deny how well our country has done! This country has been transformed beyond recognition in the last 44 years! Does anyone contest that? Real eradication of unemployment in our country will be done by us citizens through private job creation! That’s exactly what is being done at home! For diversification to be accelerated, we need to build skilled human capacity and that’s exactly what is being done too! Tertiary level institutional expansion is happening at home,even our allies are funding some of these edcational expansion projects and programmes, and the President is appealing to the world to open their academic centres for Batswana to be educated wherever he goes! We need to rise up to these as citizens and meet government halfway! With highly skilled population, not just literate people, we will see the expansion of entrepreneurship that can effectively use the opportunities available and absorb the unemployed graduates! GOV can never be the sole or major employer and expect our country eradicate poverty or umemployment! That’s is just a fact wherever you go! Remember our country is just an emerging economy! Unemployment percentage in France is comparable to ours just to give you one example! Spain and Portugal are faring worse!

    If you think an amteur with no portfolio can be the president of our country, well just get this clear, the leadership of our country is not apprenticeship, on the job training! Just be serious for a change! You want us to be sorry and be the laughing stock of the whole world?

    This President is doing a great job! What are we doing ourselves? That old saying by a smart Americam President that ‘ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country’ holds true to this day! We, citizens, can lift this country up and eradicate not just poverty and unemplyoment but really create real and lasting wealth and push the living standards up! That’s what happened in the West!

  51. Chrism one of your biggest failing is that you are a big LIAR.france’s unemployment figures falls below that of usa at 10 % unemployment rate plus 5% of discouraged unemployed people this means france’s total uneployment is 15% and usa is 17.5%.botswana however is another story with with unemployment at 23.8% and discouraged unemployed workforce at 17% effectively making uneployment a shocking 41% according to the latest bank of botswana statistics.france 15% and botswana 41% they look the same eh chris m.
    And stop thinking like a kid who blamed bdp for the effects of the credit crunch uneployment has been soaring since 1991 when there was a decline of non mining sector industries in botswana long before the economic recession and since then unemployment has staged a runaway and the shocking thing is not once has the bdp made the figures decline their policy has failed countless of times and its even failings botswana .I dont
    contest the opportunities given to batswana i contest the nature of the opportunities given to batswana and the return of the opportunities.A careless government has blown billions of taxpayers pulas into businesses that have turned up nothing for the economy
    do i then have to walk around with a smile in my face because opporunities are available to batswana there is no way im going to do that.if bdp creates a policy of investing billions on smal businesses then its our right as batswana to expect results if we dont get them like its
    The case now then batswana should vote for something different.and for once chrism stop talking about the west we unlike you have decided to live the hard life as prisoners of the anti-democracy movement BDP,you have decided to run away for a happy and good life in the west.ian khama has never earned anything in his life never an education nothing,in the army he was given several promotions on his first day at work disturbing stuff really and then he has used his name countless of times to gain freebies and he was infamoursly offered the presidency without asking for it and what does he do talk about 5 D’S are we expected to eat the D’S are D’s supposed to drive employment this man lacks the innovativity neccessary to pilot a nation in crisis let alone find a girlfriend for himself hardly a leaders portfolio to me.and chrism you are not a motswana with setswana life you can comment however you like but you dont know much about us batswana

  52. 2K, I’m over here for a specific reason and I will never ever turn my back on my country and I don’t care what you say or think! I’m not apologetic for being here to you or anyone! I’m not setting a home here but invest at home in many ways! Everything I do, it comes from me! Not another soul! Being over here actually is a problem that makes it difficult to qualify for countless things at home as I found a number of times just reccently! Opportunities that will see anyone really succeed are, in fact, over there in the African continent, not over here, as so much still needs to be done over there!

    Fair enough I made a misatke there with the French unemployment rate with the one I was referring to actually being the youth unemployment at 22.8% but my mission here is not to lie to anyone! Regardless of what you say, it will be us, citizens, through private sector, that will well and truly eradicate poverty in our country, not the government no matter who says what! BDP goverment may be imperfect, and there never is perfect gov, and having made mistakes in the past but you tell me who offers anything remotely close to them in Botswana! Where is it? Read your own message as to why I said don’t blame Khama for the effects of the world recession!

    What is happening in Botswana is massive economic shift as we speak and it will work if we all work to make it a reality! Don’t deny it! When i say our country has done well and fared far better during the recession as a result of prudent fiscal policies, i’m not saying that we should stop demanding more from our government and criticising it when it fails! But we can’t continue to be hypocrites! This government has done a good job and even the economists coming to our country are impressed but of course we have to diversify but even then we will still be at messy of other economies as we are a small market and will still be export oriented! GOV mostly has good plans but poor implementation is the problem, with Batswana also to blame as is seen at individual motswana level! The future of our country lies in our hands as citizens. Not hand-outs from GOV!

  53. Botswana’s democray is fading. Look at Kalafatis Issue. An agent could be hired to kill a fellow motswana in return of P65,000 when there are poor people suffering without food. The embrassement Botswana passport holders face when abroad simply because it is hand written. Hikes in Traffic offence fine could currupt Traffic officers , simply because the offender cannot affort to pay the fine and would readly settle fo a smaller amount.All these episodes and more are gradually encroaching on the good reputation of the country. If people are confused about politics let them learn more before they can comment.

  54. Ba a kgora,that clinic e thusa bone.Ba ta tisiwa ke bolwetse.Okare ma-domkraga aka lwala otlhe ra bona gore a batla seke baye kogo yone

  55. @yebo yes, wena motho wa modimo o mo fifing, e bile o nthomola pelo, sa gago ke go bua ka kganetso fela, rona re lapile ke domi bathong…. ke kopa go botsa gore le kile la utlwa kae gotwe mongwe wa matona a bdp (A-team) o bonwe molato e bile o athotswe, gopieno jaana re ba itsi ba ba jele madi a BPS ka conflict of interest, mme ga ba suspendiwa mo cabinet,

  56. I have realised that people who are anti Khama all drink or abuse alcohol. Khama has such good intentions for us as Batswana pity is we misread them intentionally because we are so used to being neglected by president. For once we have a president who is for the people and not for the office and rich few. Embrace him for we will never get another one like him. He wants us to reduce spending money on things we can hardly point at, please tell me the opposite of that… BMD? No way. BMD wants the opposite of what Khama wants and am sure that if you thoroughly think, you do not want that. Shame is, in Botswana more people drink alcohol and its consumption blinds their thinking to extents to rediculing good intentions. To make matters worse, most of these people are the educated ones. Such a lost nation we are.

  57. All the BMD’s are morons, irresponsible betrayers, if you betray and fight o le mo pusong now, what will happen when u rule the entire country? Are we gonna end up the last peaceful country? people open ur eyes, see beyond le lese bomatla, you aint the baby-boomer generation or the Y, you are the X generation. Do wat X generations wud du, tota le tla thophiwa ke mang kamoso go busa le le diso so?

  58. Bane ba batla gore rre Moyo a ba agele bakery ya borotho,ga ba itse mosola wa this facility,Rre Moyo o berekile,he didnt say he built that facility for BMD,a re o e agetse lona Batswana,lesang go nna bosula,this man o berekile.

  59. Boy-one,will you kindly put some logical premises into your comment?Which president are you referring to here who neglected batswana?Get your facts straight.Is Kharma the one to tell matured citizens what to buy and what not to buy?Are we reversing our democracy into a police state?You and your allies such as Chris M,can hardly see beyond your nose.

  60. O berekile Mr Moyo.Batho bata go gopola kamoso, gontse go ya teng kwa ba batang teng o seka wa ya le modumo. A modimo o go okeletse matstsi a botshelo.A go tshele ka mowa wa kutlo bothoko le bopelo tlhomogi. thanx

  61. aowa ngwana wa Modimo ruri, Praise be the name of the Lord, may our dear Lord bless you abundantly….!

  62. hei, waitse batho ba bangwe ga ba bua e kare ba kgaotswe ditlhogo waitse, and i am not going to waste time ka bone.
    tlhakatlhakano e ntsi and lets not waste time kayone and move forward, tse tsa bo hee go rekwa ditlhopho, hee rea taxiwa e, hee batswana ke ditshwakaga, hee mananeo a teng ga re a dirise, bathong move around and check out u will be shocked kana le gale ga nke le dira your own ditlhotlhomiso.kana go fa i see gore we all see that the problem is there and it has to be rectified, and kana go gagautlhana mo ga lona mo ekare le bo bo phiri le bo tau mo ga batho go supa tota gone gore mathata ateng, ga nne mathata a seo, re ka bo re sa bue, i believe everybody who is going to read this will agree with me, so lets all unite to kill this problem please.

    heelang i repeat myself, stop living in denial ya gore there is a new party on the block, this party e strong and u will be shocked come 2014, rona ba bangwe re ntse re tshela ka dipelo tse di botlhoko, gosena party e re ka etlhopang coz we were not convinced enough gore a domkrag e ka tswa mo pusong, so now e tsile nako ya gore re ikwadisetse ditlhopo and we will exactly do that and vote. i believe most youth will agree with me that BMD and BCP are the right party to shake BDP and of course they will do.

    change is something that many people will have doubts and some will not want at all, so live with it. OBAMA broght change in America, so why cant we bring change in our own country, u know, just to check if it will work for us.

    so, please all youth lets all register for 2014 polls and see what the outcome will be like.re leseng go gaiswiwa ke bagolo coz ba tshedile botshelo jwa bone so its our time and chance to transform botswana.

    CHABA E KUTLWELO BOTLHOKO, KE SEKANO SE SENGWE SA VISION 2016, ALL all those who oppose what Mr Moyo has done KE GORE FELA GABA RATE BMD MME kana ba tla bo ba laola line ya dijo ka vision 2016 celebration day ka 2016.PLEASE ADDRESS EACH PARTY KA LEINA LA YONE GO ATWE BMD,BCP,BNF.FELA FELA FELA.

    now lets talk about a student who got all a stars and was not admitted for medicine because he got a fail in English at UB.


  63. LO A KGORA MADOMI..Anyway ke mothetho wa teng..ma BNF ba ne ba ngakalala fela jaaka lona jaana fa BCP e simologa mme le gale morago go ne ga siama,…nna ga re na go le felelela pelo madomi,,lko ntla felele le [amogela seemo..BMD is here 4 ever..like it or not…

  64. kante some of you people why cant you comment only on the relevant topic,you shoul be praising Moyo for the good thing he did.wherethere people attended the event is not a big issue,once the facility is operating they all going to flock in for their daily treatments,blessed is the hand that given thabn the one than taketh.God bless you Moyo

  65. kante some of you people why cant you comment only on the relevant topic,you should be praising Moyo for the good thing he did.whethere people attended the event is not a big issue,once the facility is operating they all going to flock in for their daily treatments,blessed is the hand that given than the one that taketh.God bless you Moyo

  66. a hey iam so sick and tired of nasty comments,everytime people comment they talk about bdp and bmd,the fact is,we dont care whatever moyo did for matshelagabedi,ga a bolo go nna mopalamente wa tshelas leng?o thabolotse matshelagabedi ka eng?he is just a useless fella,tota moyo ene o a palelwa,i know the truth hurts,gape o aga ka madi a domi,thats why bagolo ba sa appreciate,tota ha nne baswi ba tsoga nne ke tla tsosa mopalamente wa rona MOSWI RRE BUTALE.

  67. “She noted that the construction of the health post was a clear indication that the MP had good working relations with the villagers.”

    haha! a tla a ntshegisa!! waitse di-public relation stunt di tlhabisa ditlhong! what good relations?! le ene she could see for herself gore there are no “good” relations! none! this guy betrayed his people, not even afraid go ragela kgosi a mmitsa deadwood, shame on him…

    ..i feel betrayed too, the reason why i loved this guys was because they called themselves Barata-Phati too, too bad the love was short lived, they were just tryin to charm us, it was part of the plan, to lure us and steal us and our trust.

    tsamaelang koo banna, nna ga ke e gope le lona.

  68. ke eo kgang maletamotse, o lekile go reka batho go padile. u betrayed batlhopi ba gago morena! go padile Ronaldinho, he he change, that’s rubbish! they go round lying gore we luring pple frm BDP, friendo BDP is a national brand not brand ba hostel ya UB mrena!

  69. let that Guma go back to Shonaland where he originates,a lese go ta go le senyetsa lehatshe ka go aga clinic e mpe eo. e le ha ke ka lwala ga ke kake ka ba ka ya teng, ke ka mpo ka ka swa hela. le gone a seka are BDP govt ke yone e tsenye melemo moo, but should do that instead. tota ebile o kabo a ile go aga clinic ko Zimtoto ko gagabo. ke wela ke rialo!eeee ka rialo.

  70. Ga o kake wa roga kgosi ya batho wa tloga wa re o itira botoka. They voted for you as a BDP and you have since decided to betray them for boRonaldinho le boMajalweng ke sa lebale Mzanzi.A bohutsana, matlhabisaditlhong.

  71. u all morons
    how long has this man been a member of paliament?
    why is he building the clinic now?
    what has he been doing all those years?
    le diso u morons

  72. God is the ans 2 everything, Y should we start politics,God is going to rule Botswana 4ever. Re a leboga.

  73. chaba e kutlwelo-botlhoko gole BMD gole BDP Rre Moy that’s a wonderful job. Keep it up! ba ba itlantlang diteme bare o ntse ole kae ga ba itse gore go na le di plan and budgets ga o tsoge fela o bo ore o dira se you have to plan and budget. ba bangwe ba ba buisiwa ke bo bitter le denial fela . kgosi ga ele deadwood ke deadwood a jaanong Mopalamente le ene a robale mo tirong a seka a thusa ka gore o reile kgosi are ke deadwood. rre Moyo ga motho a le phoso o phoso e bile le wena o amogela fa o le phoso oe bontshiwa in good faith not hela gore bangwe ba bitter o ile BMD babo ba ithaya bare ba sabotage tiro. re go lebogisa tota e kare o kabo o ne wa e isetsa batho ba ditakaneng ka rona re sale re bewa bobi matlhong ka ipelegeng e nyeletse, bogolo clinic e ne e ka nna ere thusa ka melemo le fa ba ka tloga ba gana go e tsenya ditsompelo mme re setse re ba tlhobogile ba ba mo pusong.Tswelela fela jalo Kalaka ka tiro e ntle eo Modimo o go lebile.


  75. e le gore batho ba batlang e kare le fiwa kokelwana ebe bare ga ba e batle ba batla eng BDP gase clinic

  76. waitsi batho le kgorela kwantle ga letlalo,the BDP I KNOW,ene e ya go le agela clinic yeo ka molomo kgotsa ka nako ya ditlhopo golang tlhe batho lefatshe le siilwe ke nako ka ntlha ya party e e busang le batho ba ba sa tlhaloganyeng yaka lona.

  77. waitse batho ba a makatsa be agelwa kokelwana le a e ngala selo seo se supa go akanyetsa ko morago thats why they say poor people wil get even poorer and rich people will get even richer because you people are a disgrace ga go ise gotwe tlhophang BMD gatwe dirisang kokelwana


  79. Big ups Mr Moyo!!! ba ba ngongoregang ba ntse fela jalo,,, alwayz complaining bout everythn!! ke raya gore motho yoo tletseng sentle o ka ngongoregela thuso e tshwanang le ya a new Clinic bein built inda community!!! ijaaaa..

  80. O a bo o reng jaanong PhiriEkgaotse ga o abo o mpolaisa ditshego jaana. Bannaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! Sebodu…….

  81. Bathong wee, botsang rona banni ba Matshelagabedi. Moyo has been there as the MP for the area, mme re kopile dithabololo tse dintsi, nothing has been done.

    So that is why ke re WHY now. All this times why didn’t he do with his own money now. he is just trying to impress people.Ga e bereke jalo ebtsho. There is no propblem a nne ka clinicnyana ya gagwe re ta tswelela re duela P3.20 re ya francistown for our medical check ups. Le ha a le teng mo gae o ne a sa cheke batho ke eng a bata go ipaya botoka gompieno.

    le ha le ka bitsa Domi party ya bagolo no problem. Moyo a emise go reka batho ka dilo gompieno, a nne genuine a dira deep down from his heart.

    Le gone ke ipotsa gore batho ba teng ba rata maemo bothe ke mang yoo o ta nnang mang mo BMD. Bothe ke di gogela thoko, ha gona yoo botoka. Ba bangwe le a je sente madi a bopalamente le bo khanselara.

  82. Everything Moyo did in the past was part of BDP, so if lona ko Matshelagabedi lo sa itse di policy tsa party ya lona BDP, don’t blame moyo. This man did sumthing great an wat u can think of is ur crumbling domkrag. Ke sone se Sekukwe wa lona a sa tlhabologa and mind u i’m 4rom moroka. so rona ko Moroka we can’t shun a gud gesture of such kind ka gore re a itlhaloganya an a clinic is better than go fiwa do sweets ka nako ya ditlhopho. Poponase who the hell do you think u? e bile gongwe le go bereka ga o bereke, u stick ur nose mo dilong tse di senang mosula, shame on u. Accept it, it’s a reality ur stil shocked to wat happene d with ur bloody domkrag.

  83. “elders shun clinic’ the future is de youth who cares, they r our parents ba itse gore rona bana ba bone we wil take them to private clinics in town so u tel me gore bokamoso ke bo mang in this case? the youth so ga gona bothata go tla siama. things r in a mess coz of our elders. mme kare this clinic wil serve the villagers barata or basa rate. besides as de future re tshwanetse ra gakolola our parents sentle ka all these developments. so Sekukwe is a time bomb waiting to explode just like this domkrag.

  84. heela wena 111111 or watever, ware batho ba rata maemo,de last time i checked these guyz won all de positionz tsa committee ko Kanye. now i understand gore cowards like u voted them gore lo ba dirise in de name of barata phathi now they r gone u are singing a different song. so to hell with ur bootlicking mme at sum point u will feel their absence since everything now it’s done in the name of compromise ka gore u lost brilliant individuals in those guyz.

  85. @boiki wena o bua rubish fela,o dirwa ke go tswa ko mazezurung,moroka ke selo mamang?mxem….wa bora waitse

  86. ao shem, madi a kana kana a latlhilweng batho. ah, gape kana le bone batho ba sekukwe ga bana sepe le mekentlo.



  89. @Jason Ranthatsa manyekhwa tja o no leba. o se nyepe ne tja o senga zibe. O nyafulelang batho ba Nswazwi, o seka wa re tshela ka mmu re itidimaletse. Polotika jaaka o batla mme o seka wa re akanyetsa.

  90. @ Jason Ranthatsa, get your spelling right its
    – die hards not “diehearts”
    – History not “the history”
    – Fled not “fleed”
    – Defect not “deflect”
    – opress not “oppress”

  91. @howard,excuse me may i ask you something please? are you an english teacher by profession….kana o dirisa dictionary thata?

  92. @akgelang I am not an English teacher or dictionery hugger. Ke gore ke ne ke kgopisitswe ke mmotlana e tla re go buiwa ka clinic e e pink ya ko matshelagabedi a bo a tsenya batho ba nswazwi e bile are ba afraid, o re associating us with bogatlapa. If you look careful i got the word oppress wrong and ranthatsa got it right. it is good to hear young people commenting, e seng ba re bo bagolo ba rona ba nswazwi ba afraid.

  93. tota gatwe mathata a ga moyo ke eng? Le nna ga ke santse ke tsoga sentle nka di bua tse tsotlhe, onez bolwetsi bo tlhaga…ijaaaa…o tla bolawa ke lllaini ya teng…Francistown yo go ipokiwang ka ene yoo e tla nna ikare ke ko Berekwane…Aferika eborwa ijaaaa.

  94. The Sekukwe clinic is a great idea and those who did not come to the openning ceremony were doing other things as is common. Ebile nobody shunned it. Those in the settlement appreciate it thata and they are hungry for more, but this time, it should come from the government of the day. Northeast suffered gross political neglect over the years when it was under the BPP.This was an attempt to redress imbalances. Batho ba Sekukwe a happy.
    The writer of the article is a BDP supporter who is in no hurry to lose that title, but very shallow in critical analysis.

  95. that was a good idea, i personally support what Mr Moyo did and developments are good for batho ba Matshelagabedi and Sekukwe. Others leaders should copy what he did!

  96. The guy needs to start constructing the stadium he promised his contituents during the previous capaign before he de-camped!

  97. Ahee Rre Mbala,bo Moyo ba tsaa gore rea lebala.O tshwana le Dumelang a re Rre Setshwael is a political ‘me nice’ jaanong Rre Setshwaelo ke Vice ya gagwe,we must be careful what we say magents it can come back to haunt us.

  98. Ahee Rre Mbala,bo Moyo ba tsaa gore rea lebala.O tshwana le Dumelang o kile a re Rre Setshwaelo is a political ‘me nice’ jaanong Rre Setshwaelo ke Vice ya gagwe,we must be careful what we say magents it can come back to haunt us.

  99. Viva Moyo Viva!! Shapa BMD shapa!!! Bontsi jo bo mo bo bitter just like the author of this article, o akanyeditse batho thata mo go supang gore ke maikutlo a gagwe. The author ka bo ene ke modongwana yo o ta swang a…….ee a sa bone…..wa setama.

  100. Owaiiii, bo Moyo, bana ba wela mo isong kwa, kana o agile clinic ele ka madi a skoloto, kamoso e tsoga e gapilwe fa, reta e reka ko palabalong. Bagolo ba dirile sente go seke ba tsenelela tiro e ka jaan mo bo-Moyo ba go dirang ke mo go tweng ” …role la dikatsana”, ka jaalo bagolo ga ba tshwanela go taboga le role la dikatsana ba sena katse. Moyo o le baya bubi mathong

  101. after election o tlabo a etsaya di sena go mo kometsa dilo tsa 2014, bana ba ga Rre Moyo ba tsile go moja nko e sa botswa couz investmente ke ya bone, ene o e dirisa go rekisa BMD.

  102. I wish others will follow suit, re tlhoka batho ba go tshwana le ba mo sechabeng. Galalela comrade Guma. Ke kopa sechaba sa Sekukwe ba bitse clinic e bare GUMA MOYO MEMORIAL CLINIC

  103. owai motho wabo Moyo o ithaya are o dira eng tota ke gone a batang go dirisa mathothora a cake ya Debtswana, ane a palelwa a santse ale ko BDP gare bate malope a senang mosola…


  105. Blessed is the hand that giveth, than the mouth that complaineth. It shall be well with Moyo.Actually i wish he had done it in my village. Prior to this clinic, infants were being hung on a tree ba kadiwa. Whoever prefers that has no compassion for Batswana.Lets put aside the issue of claiming that Moyo is buying votes coz, Dada has done it without anybody talking. As for the pink colour, may be the villagers chose it…but on the converse, the complainer is free to drop buckets of paint at the clinic and hire a professional painter as a contribution.