Vee's 'dark side' exposed
ARTIST: Vee Mampeezy

• Angry dancer links VEE to Ghanaian juju priest

• Claims hit maker exploits employees

Odiirile Sento popularly known as Vee Wamampeezy is arguably Botswana’s most popular artist.

Also trading as a prophet, on the surface Vee is the epitome of a kind man of God and a role model to the youth, but according to one of his longest serving dancers, the “Letlhale” hit maker is nothing but a cunning trickster who dabbles in the dark arts for powers to prophesy.

He also exploits his young employees and refuses to pay agreed upon salaries, the 26- year- old aggrieved dancer, Obusitswe Ledikwe has revealed.

Claiming to be exposing the “dark side of Vee” the acrobatic dancer better known as Camphor said, “I am honestly tired of being exploited by Vee. When people meet me on the streets they treat me like a celebrity but I am burning inside because Vee has been too greedy to pay us for the work we have done for him over the years.”

Speaking from his mother’s house in Gwest the dejected young man said, “As you can see I have been working with Vee as his dancer for over 10 years, but I still stay with my parents. I still cannot afford to rent even a servants quarters because he just does not pay us at all. I am a father now but I cannot even afford to provide for my child because Vee has withheld my payment for all these years.”

The straw that broke Camphor’s back was when Vee was awarded a P1. 3 million tender for the safe male circumcision campaign last year and failed to pay his dancers P10 000 each as he had promised before the tour.

“We danced at all of his shows across the country but even up to now he hasn’t paid us the agreed upon fee.”

Concerning the damming allegations that the powerful Ghanaian juju priest, Nana Kwaku Bonsam was Vee’s spiritual father who has been giving him powers to heal and prophesy, Camphor said, “ He visits him in Ghana but he will deny it, I know.”

And deny he did.

In an interview at his Jesus Warehouse church offices on Wednesday the “Waaba atsile” hit maker accused Camphor of hitting below the belt in his accusations about obtaining powers from the Ghanaian Muti man associated with many ‘flambouyant fire’ preachers.

“I have never been to Ghana. I do not like fake prophets, even Camphor knows that, he knows that topic is close to my heart so he is hitting below the belt. I can never sell my soul. I would not do it for material things, my love for God would never let me do such a thing,” Vee said, before he went on to explain how his calling dated as far back as his secondary school days in Selepa Junior secondary school where he started a Scripture Union (SU) Movement.

Vee's 'dark side' exposed
IN THE SPORTLIGHT: Camphor and Vee

“I later developed love for music and the two could not go together so I moved to Gaborone, suppressed my Christian calling and focused on music.” Vee explained.

He further narrated how he then started to introduce the word of God in his music through his 2006 hit album called “Ditshipi tsame” because despite his success he had emptiness inside.

He was to later release an all gospel album dubbed “Supernatural Vol 1” which was also well received by the market.

“At this point critics were throwing jabs at me from all angles. I was not even sure of what I was doing, but I knew I loved both God and music,” he related.

Quizzed about his purported healing powers Vee said, “It is something I have been suppressing over the years. I initially just preferred to be called a minister of the word of God, but I was invited by some church one day and they advertised my name as Prophet Vee, I did not like it then but I was glad it was now out in the open. So yes I am a healing prophet,” he admitted.

Although he acknowledged owing Camphor some money,Vee said that now that the dancer has decided to lie about him to the media, the young man should just know that he has forfeited his salary.

“I was in the process of preparing his exit package but now that he has taken the media route he must just forget it, especially that he had already been absent from work without leave for sometime,” said Vee.

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