Home Entertainment ‘Vee’s bouncers beat me up!’ – Penene

‘Vee’s bouncers beat me up!’ – Penene

‘Vee's bouncers beat me up!’ - Penene

There is a storm brewing at Black Money Makers (BMM), with the label’s latest protégé claiming harassment by its owner, Odirile ‘Vee’ Sento.

Bokamoso Nthompe, an emerging young comedian who performs under the stage name Penene, says Vee owes him money and claims that the dispute turned physical on Saturday night.

According to Nthompe, the two bumped into each other at an artist’s album launch in Gaborone, where, after exchanging heated words, he was beaten up by Vee’s heavies.

“After approaching him, his bouncers attacked me and slapped me around,” the Phikwe-born comedian, who joined Vee’s label this year, told Voice Entertainment in an exclusive interview this week.

“Truth is Vee took me on board. He engaged my services and he said he will pay me but things turned sour when I wanted my money,” said the unhappy funny-man, who won the President’s Day Comedy and Drama competition last year.

When Voice Entertainment quizzed Vee on the incident, the pint-sized musician confirmed the altercation but denied instigating the violence.

“Khubama re itshebe, I am the one who rescued him from the mob. I had nothing to do with it. He has been posting nasty things about me. He always threatens me, it’s crazy; the man has a mind of his own!” Vee responded.

“He did tell me he would ‘expose’ us to the media. I’ll never be the first to go to the media – because of my name I know I’ll never win. He just wants to extract money from me but it’s okay,” continued the ‘Oa be a tsile’ hit-maker.

However, in a development that is sure to heat up the on-going feud, leaked extracts of a conversation between Nthompe and Vee have emerged.

In one of the messages, Vee writes, “Ke go didimaletse, You insult me I have done nothing but you insult me so now lets play.” (Message dated last week Thursday 8.23PM).

In another text, Vee says, “The funniest thing is you only see my mistakes and how I have hurt u, u forget about how much u have hurt me and my company. The pain you caused for the people I work with, my children and my wife. They are suffering because of you and I forgave you the first time around and took you in like a son and a brother. But after you were inside my company you try to use that against me.

“The pain you are causing me is becoming very dangerous to both of us trust me so please lets stop this thing before we both can’t control it sir.”

Presumably referring to Saturday’s altercation, Vee sent Nthompe a message that reads, “I think they were provoked by what you were doing and there was no need to come close to me, fans are crazy brother.”