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Valentine’s Day marriage proposal

Valentine's Day marriage proposal
ON BENDED KNEE: Balule proposing to the love of his life.

Some received flowers and chocolate to mark Valentine’s Day, but Gabane born, Boipelo Liddo Mosenye, 28, was bowled over by her boyfriend’s romantic marriage proposal.

Candles flickering all over the room as Cresta Lodge diners tucked into their scrumptious dinner with Lizibo belting out a romantic tune in the background, Julius Balule dropped on one knee and popped the question, would you marry me?

Dazzled and surprised, Mosenye paused, then, tears of joy streaming down her face, she exclaimed yes, as Lizibo serenaded the couple.

The soon-to-be-groom slid a diamond engagement ring on his bride to be’s finger much to the excitement and cheer of the crowd who thronged the couple’s table to capture the tear- jerking moment on camera.

Talking about their relationship which started with a chance meeting at a flower store where she worked six months ago, Boipelo said, “He had made mention of wanting to make me his wife, but truth be told I found this hard to believe as I felt our relationship was fairly new. Besides, I had thought he was just flattering me and wanted to get his way with me.”

She explains that she had recently come out of a sour relationship and was not eager to date so Balule had to court her hard to get her attention.

She however finally yielded to the man’s advances and gave him an ear.

“He was not only persistent but consistent in his actions and through our conversations I was surprised by how much we had in common.”

Boipelo admits that part of her resistance apart from a previous hurtful relationship had to do with Balule’s plain looks, which didn’t fit in with her perceived notion of her “type of man.

About her surprise marriage proposal she said, “Even when Lizibo sang to me I didn’t catch the drift, until Balule went on one knee and revealed a sparkling diamond ring. I was overwhelmed by emotions and could not contain my tears. When the other guests surrounded our table only then did it hit home that it was all real.”

Balule kept his eyes on his fiancé and continued to stroke her cheek as Lizibo’s magic enveloped the lovers and culminated into a dance.

Boipelo has since shared the news with her closest friends and family and looks forward to planning the day she has dreamt of for so long: her wedding day, complete with Lizibo providing music.

“I had previously dated good looking guys but these relationships were very frustrating. When I got to know Balule and experience the respect and the love he consistently showed me, I knew deep down that he was the man I had been longing and looking for. I knew he is the man I deserve.

Valentine's Day marriage proposal
NEWLY ENGAGED: The couple serenaded dy Lizibo

“Balule is very respectful though quite a free spirit. He is playful and cares deeply about people.” Boipelo says with laughter.

Explaining his decision of keeping his girlfriend away from meeting his family until he had decided that she was the one, Balule said, “In December when I went home to Mathangwane for the Christmas break, I shared my plans to find a wife and marry with my family and the news was well received. With the help of friends and treasured colleagues Balule planned his proposal to the love of his life. He wanted it to be perfect.

“Initially I had intended to take her out to dinner at one of the restaurants in town then she excitedly showed me a flyer advertising the ultimate Valentine’s date at Cresta Lodge. Her love for local artist, Lizibo is immeasurable. However I played it cool and gave her the impression that I was not that much interested in her suggestion until the day before when I broke the news. Needless to say she was thrilled at the thought of enjoying the multiple course dinner at Cresta Lodge with Lizibo serenading us with his music.

Commenting on how difficult it was to get Boipelo to agree on a date he said, “I was not deterred by her initial refusal but kept pursuing her.’

With glee in his eyes, he narrates how Boipelo had impressed her with her polite demeanor and impeccable customer service at the flower shop.

“She assisted me wholeheartedly and made me feel welcome. On his second trip to the store he asked for her number but instead of offering her mobile number, she reluctantly gave him the landline number, but that did not stop him from calling her and pursuing her further.

“She is considerate, kind, good natured, has a gorgeous smile and she is just incredibly beautiful. It would be a cat and mouse chase for some time, but she had stolen my heart and she posseses all the qualities I want in a life partner. She definitely is the one for me, hence the marriage proposal,” beamed Balule with satisfaction