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Being singled out and quoted by president Obama charges Tumie to take on the world
Just when we thought we had written all there is to write about her, Yarona FM’s Tumie Ramsden scored another ‘success’ which made it hard to resist sitting down with her for an interview.
She recently returned from Washington DC, the United States of America’s capital where she and Botswana Network on Ethics Law and HIV director, Uyapo Ndadi and scores of other young African leaders had gone to attend a forum hosted by US President Barack Obama.
As news filtered through that the duo would be representing Botswana in this forum many could not help but admire the two for being presented with an opportunity to meet with one of the world’s admired leaders.
Little did Tumie as she is commonly known and the rest of Batswana know that the best was yet to come as Obama singled her out twice putting the radio personality and her country of birth on the world map.
“Africa’s future belongs to its young people, including a woman who inspires young people across Botswana with her popular radio show, called, “The Real Enchilada” —- and that’s Tumie Ramsden,’’ said Obama, and called her to stand so all – the world – can see who he was referring to during his chat to the group at the White House.
“For I moment I froze and my heart skipped, I couldn’t believe that Obama had singled me and called my name,’’ she said adding that never in her wildest dreams had she ever imagined Obama ever mentioning her name.

HAPPY FAMILY: Tumi with her kids

“It was like a dream and I was totally blown away,’’ said Tumie. And while she was still trying to cool down and come to terms with what had just happened, the US president was it again.
“So — I understand, Tumie, you like to Tweet.  And she shared words that have motivated so many — this is what Tumie said:  ‘If your actions inspire others to dream more, to learn more, to do more and become more, then you are a leader’,” Obama said, quoting Tumie, something even superstars can only dream of.
“Being singled out by Obama has made realize the great potential that I have, potential that I never knew I had and which I hope to use for the benefit of Batswana. It also made me realize that it’s the little things we do that make a big difference because to me I haven’t done anything big that would attract Obama’s attention’’ she said.
She also revealed that what transpired in the US has given her the boost and energy to work even more harder.
Now that she has been identified as a potential leader or one who positively influences others by one of the respected leaders in the world, Tumie says she would make sure that she continues to work closely with future leaders.
“The message that we got from Obama was that we should not wait until it’s too late to make a difference as young people and that is what I would thrive to do,’’ she said.
She said one of her dreams as far as the youth is concerned is to have youth parliament as it would ensure that their issues are well presented while at the same time grooming future leaders.
“I would use the opportunities that I have and the power of the radio to advocate for this and more programmes,’’ said Tumie who said despite being made more popular by Obama she was not at all considering herself as a celebrity.

Tumi Ramsden

Career woman, mother and wife
Besides being a radio personality, a job that put her on the spotlight, Tumie is also a television presenter, an actress, an editor and a student as she is studying towards a degree in Communication Science with the University of South Africa.
But despite all this plate-full of jobs she still manages to be a mother and a wife.
“I think I am lucky that my jobs don’t take much of my time as I still manage to have quality moments with family,’’ said the mother of two, Kese (4) and Lorato who will be turning two this December.
And true to spending quality time with her family, when The Voice crew arrived at her home for the interview around 6pm on Monday, there she was with her son Lorato suckling not because he still breastfeeds but because that is part of the bonding between mother and son.
In terms of her career she revealed that she will be on radio for as long as radio can have her though she hinted that her dream is to one day own a radio station.
“With my educational background of accounting and now studying towards a degree in Communication Science I think I will one day be better placed to run my own station,’’ she said.


  1. Oh Tumie you really made us proud. I wish others could follow your foot steps. God bless you and your family.

  2. Tumie you made our country very proud of having a star lyk u dats a gud job . gase mang le mang my dear , go atheogelwa akere?

  3. wow.wndful Tumi mmmmm.wish it culd me.gud to be gud mother,wife.youth leader who had brilliant idea.all de best mami.

  4. oh Tumie u continue to inspire us with ur humble being and strength….u motivate us and make us realise gore dreams can be reality…. may God give u more, bless u and guide u…. love u

  5. hope this will serve as a lesson to young people across the globe esp in bots,you did the nation proud mrs ramsden,you proved that not only does it take an interlectual to turn the world around and make the impossible seem possible but also a dedicated and highly ambitious person with the devil-may care attitude and killer instict to make a profound statement,i salute you.if only young people cud followsuit.BIG UP!!!

  6. your mother taught you well gal! a ngwana yoo gaana batsadi!!!!!!!! motswana wa sekei tota!!!! AUGUST is a month ya bomme, so lets fly high ladies.

  7. Tumie, you are a real inspiration to the youth and we are all so proud of you. That President Obama singled you out is just the cherry on the top. We are so fortunate to have you on air here with us everyday. Obama had you for a few days, we will be inspired by you every day, and Batswana’s are so privileged to listen to “Enchilada”. May you continue to inspire the next generation……….

  8. Tumie u should become a motivational speaker,now i know that the little things we do can make the world a better place.may God keep u under His wing as u continue doing the good work

  9. Gud 4 u Tumie,but i wonder y da voice gve a headline ya happy family wyl der is no father o fathers of yo kids. A happy family alwez comprise of mum & daddy n da kids. It will neva b a happy family wyl 1 parent is missing. The voice dnt mislead us wat xample r u giving 2 da youngones. As long u r not married chances of slipn around wth multiple partners are high. O icheke Tumza