Home News Unmarried old woman wins right to couple’s home

Unmarried old woman wins right to couple’s home

Unmarried old woman wins right to couple's home
(L-R): Segwabanyane & RammalaSegwabanyane & Rammala

Dirty old man ordered to evict younger woman


She took her case to the court and won.

After all it is not easy to discard an old customary wife and replace her with a younger woman.

A Mogoditshane old man had a rude awakening when he recently realized that despite lack of a legal document, he couldn’t simply dump a woman he had cohabited with for 26 years for a younger concubine.

62- year -old Molemi Rammala invited his younger woman to move in with him while his 54- year- old injured partner; Ontlametse Segwabanyana had gone to be nursed by her relatives at her home village in Mmathethe in 2015.

When she returned Segwabanyane, got the shock of her life to find out that her man had replaced her with her younger neighbor.

He was also hostile towards her, threatening to stab her with a knife if she moved back home.

Angry and hurt, Segwabanyane sought the intervention of the Mogoditshane customary court. And to her relief, the two new love rats were ordered to vacate the shared premises instead.

“We built the home together and he brought another woman into my yard, I was fighting for my rights to return to my home,” Segwabanyane said after the ruling

The determined Rammala however expressed disappointment that Segwabanyane was granted permission to return home, arguing that her move in 2015 was tantamount to divorce.

“ We had a misunderstanding and she packed all her belongings and left. I want to take a younger woman because this old one won’t have sex with me. She does not even cook for me. This woman never treated me right to the point where she made sure that she controlled family finances. All the money from the sale of our livestock and from rentals was deposited in her account and whenever there was a funeral on my side of the family, instead of giving me a share of the money, she would lend it to me and expect repayment.” Rammala protested.

The childless couple has over 26 years built 12 houses, six of which are rented out in Tsolamosese.

Mogoditshane customary court, Chief Alfred Dihutso, ordered Rammala to tell his lover to vacate the yard immediately if he didn’t want trouble.

“If you find it difficult to chase her away then both of you must move out. Failure to comply with the court order, serious action will be taken as you will then have to be lawfully evicted from your own home,” Dihutso said.

Rammala threatened to appeal the case.