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Unlikely thief

Unlikely thief

Stereotypically, petty crime in Botswana is linked with poor black people.

However, Shaya got the shock of his life when he learnt that security guards at Choppies (Loja Mall in Francistown) restrained the Indian man pictured here who attempted to leave the shop without paying.

Apparently the guards have been keeping an eye on the gentlemen for some time.

Shaya heard that the dude had devised a strategy where he brought his own plastic bags into the shop.

He would load groceries into the bags before casually making his way over to the newspaper section located behind the checkout desks (no doubt he was catching up on the latest gossip in Chillin’ Out).

He would then brazenly make his way out of the store.

It seems he tried it once to often however, and his luck eventually ran out.

You busted sir!