FILE PIC: Contraceptives

In a recent study released by statistics Botswana, it has become evident that the use of contraceptives locally is more prevalent on women who have attained higher education.

The findings on the Botswana Demographic Survey 2017 therefore suggest that the higher the education level a woman attains, the more likelihood of their contraceptive use and vice-versa.

“In the BDS 2017, 89.5 percent of women who confirmed to be using contraceptives had attained secondary level followed by those who only went up to primary level with 10.2 percent. Women whose highest level of education attained was non-formal and non-standard curriculum reported very insignificant use of less than 1.0 percent,” reads the report.

The report further states that “the conclusion that can be drawn from the findings of the BDS 2017 is that women residing in urban villages are the highest users of contraceptives at 45.8 while women in rural areas and cities and towns recorded 28.8 percent and 25.3 percent respectively.”

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