Umbrella party

Full time secretariat to be set up

Leaders of the three opposition political parties that form the Umbrella have announced that by the end of next week they will have a new collective name to be used in the 2014 General elections.

Conveners that included Lebang Mpotokwane announced at a press conference on Wednesday that the preferred name for both parties is Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC).

Addressing the media at the Botswana Movement for Democracy Headquarters in Gaborone Mpotokwane said though both Botswana Peoples Party, Botswana National Front and BMD are group members of the Umbrella, people can still register as individual UDC members.

Explaining how this will work BNF President Duma Boko said he does not expect the Umbrella to compete for members with the individual parties making it. He said they deliberately decided to go that route to attract individual members who may not want to be associated with the three involved parties.

“There are people who do not want to be associated with the three involved parties for various reasons but are supportive of the parties’ collective effort. Such people can register as individual members of the Umbrella. We realized that there are supporters of the umbrella who belong to other parties and this was done deliberately to accommodate as many people as possible,” said Boko.

Boko dismissed critics who said the said arrangement has the potential to bring chaos into the umbrella if members of the involved parties decide to defect and register with the mother body.

“Democracy always has a semblance of chaos; it is expansive but we trust our astute drafters of the constitution have looked into that and am confident that they will deliver something that will work for all,” he said.

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