Miss Universe Botswana-finalists

After weeks of travel around the country, the Miss Universe stage is set.
From the 32 Miss Universe Botswana semi-finalists, the last 16 finalists have been identified and will battle for the Miss Universe Botswana title come Friday, June 25, 2010.
In fact Mos Syde would be in Game City (Saturday) and Riverwalk (Sunday) this weekend presenting the 16 girls to members of the public in a ‘Meet and Greet’ session. Tickets will also be on sale during these events.
According to Mos Syde Group the girls have started intense training in Gaborone in preparation for the grand finale, which would be held at the Gaborone Convention Center (GICC). It is the organisers’ contention that the competition would be tough as all the contestants are intelligent and represent hope for Batswana women.
“The last 16 recognize that in order to find the right candidate, we should forgo personal interests and sacrifice to effectively sell our country and it takes Botswana pride and team work to achieve this,” Mos Syde spokesperson, Safie Sekgwa, said in a press statement.
Miss Universe Botswana aims to market and promote Botswana tourism, enhance the image of Botswana diamonds, market and promote our culture, empower women and brand Botswana.
The winner would represent the country at the Miss Universe pageant in Las Vegas, United States of America in August this year.
“This calls for intense training as we are running behind time. We have to have find our delegate by Thursday July 8, 2010,” Safie Sekgwa further noted before adding that their goal is to find a true representative of the country, “not just a contestant, but a woman who can help achieve the main objective of the pageant.”
According to Sekgwa, Botswana tourism would benefit from the contests because, “at least one billion people will tune in to watch Miss Universe. At least 12, 000 people will attend the Miss Universe finals in Las Vegas hence we urge Batswana to join as a nation and support these last 16 as this is an effort to market and promote Botswana.”


  1. tlhe bo mmabotlenyane ba rona good luck
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    promise Botswana pls